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5 Beauty Products Fitness Mogul Emily Skye Can't Live Without

Her honest insight on how to stay looking fresh in and out of the gym.
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With almost 10 million followers on Facebook and 2.5 million on Instagram, Emily Skye is one of the most influential fitness personalities in the world. And she's used that influence to do a whole lot of good.

Not only does the Australian bombshell help millions get and stay in shape via her fitness program, an app that provides users with over 600 workouts. She also gets real about mental wellness and self-acceptance.

Recently, Skye made a point to be honest about life postpartum working diligently to dispel the myths around "snap back culture." Skye now also has a FIT Pregnancy program offering safe workouts across all three trimesters. Not to mention a FIT Post-Pregnancy program across three distinct stages ("recovery," "progress" and "rebuild").

Given her keep-it-real nature, we wanted to find out about the laid-back mogul's beauty must-haves. Keep reading for a look at how Skye stays looking fresh in and out of the gym.

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"My James Cosmetics 24K Gold & Collagen Crystal Eye Masks are must-haves for when I'm rushing out the door for the gym. I wear them on my way to the gym and as I leave the gym. They just brighten up my undereye area even if I've had a bad night's sleep!"

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Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus, $4.99

"I love that this adds a bit of color while still moisturizing my lips! This is something I carry around with me everywhere I go. The perfect no makeup touch of makeup to the lips even when I'm working out!"

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"If I'm working out outside or in the gym, I ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Just because you're indoors at a gym doesn't mean the UV rays can't get to you if you're near a window, especially here in Australia where the rays are SO strong!"

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"If there's one item of makeup I sometimes put on for a workout it's this! It's an amazing clear brow gel that just holds my crazy brows up and in place even when I sweat!"

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