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10 Under-Eye Masks That Will Make It Look Like You Actually Slept 8 Hours

Give your eyes the TLC they deserve
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It wasn't that long ago that sheet masks started taking the beauty world by storm, addressing everything from skin texture to tone. As beneficial as these full-face sheets can be, they're not quite gentle enough for the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which happens to be most prone to signs of aging, fatigue and environmental stress. To ensure your eyes get the TLC they deserve, look for masks designed specifically for the under-eye area.

Under-eye patches are often comma-shaped and come in hydrogel form, allowing them to easily stick to the under-eye area so that you can go about your routine while the ingredients sink in and make magic happen. From fine lines and wrinkles to puffiness and dark circles, there's an eye mask targeted to every concern. Read on for our favorite under-eye masks of all time.

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If puffiness, bags or premature fine lines and wrinkles have you feeling less than fab about your smize, you'll fall head over heels for these cooling gel eye patches. Infused with Icelandic glacial waters, peptides and botanicals, these patches work to de-puff, tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking smize in minutes.

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Cucumber slices, known for their high water content, have long been used to soothe the eye area. Taking the vegetable's benefits to the next level, these detox eye patches are loaded with cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and hydrolyzed collagen to infuse skin with rich hydration while working to improve tone and texture.

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Don't get dragged down by your dark circles, simply stick these illuminating patches into place and wait as your eyes look noticeably brighter in just minutes. Formulated with colloidal silver, pearl and collagen, they cater to the delicate under-eye area to create a plumper set of peepers.

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Why not have some fun while enhancing the appearance of your eye area? With these gold eye patches, you won't be able to resist snapping a selfie. The gold foil works to retain the heat of the serum once it mixes with your body temperature, helping to enhance absorption and re-plump fine lines, reduce dark circles and create an overall younger-looking set of eyes.

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