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5 Beauty Products Candy Queen and Entrepreneur Dylan Lauren Can't Live Without

Proof that a sweet tooth doesn't lead to bad skin.
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Dylan Lauren, founder of Dylan's Candy Bar and the daughter of famed fashion designer Ralph Lauren, debunks the myth that sugar leads to blemishes. Despite a sweet tooth, which she's turned into a candy empire, she has a year-round tan and glowing skin.

Considered the world's largest candy emporium, Dylan's Candy Bar is known for its mass assortment of staples plus hard-to-find bulk candies (it just launched over 300 new ones as well as a summer collection). When Lauren is not noshing on sweets at her newly reopened East Hampton store location with her family, you'll find her pampering her skin.

We caught up with the candy entrepreneur to get her skin care must-haves.

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Q Organic Hand Balm, $25

"The combination of organic argan oil, baobab oil and jojoba oil plus lanolin and beeswax in this incredibly rich and thick hand balm works as a barrier to hold in the moisture. So my hands never feel cracked or dry, even given the amount of times I wash them during the pandemic. I have found that the balm also works amazingly as a shine and control gel to hold curls so I wipe any excess on my hands through my hair."

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"I trust this product because it was formulated with 50 plant actives by dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades who's on the forefront of dermatology science and innovation. Her face cream is extremely moisturizing for my dry skin and it depuffs and diffuses fine lines, especially when stored in my refrigerator."

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"My skin glows and feels renewed and firm after I apply this mask. The story of the founder, both a model and someone adamant about creating a homeopathic product that keeps the immune system healthy, made me further convinced this product was super beneficial in many ways."

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"I have found this Cellular Refining Lotion not only to be toning, but also to attract extra snuggles from my boy and girl twins who simply cannot get enough of the smell of my face."

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