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5 Beauty Products Clean Living Expert Mona Vand Can't Live Without

We talked to the pharmacist turned health, wellness and beauty expert.
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With over 360,000 followers on Instagram and 600,000 on YouTube, Mona Vand is well on her way to building a clean living empire. She frequently posts pointers and shoots videos detailing clean beauty tips, tricks and products. Surprisingly, given her background as a pharmacist, she's a big proponent of solving problems, whether health or beauty related, with food first. Great skin care products don't hurt, of course.

We caught up with the newly minted New Yorker to discover the five beauty must-haves she swears by for a glowing complexion.

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Bioeffect EGF Essence, $99

"This product is the perfect prelude to serums and/or moisturizers. It has plant-based growth factors sourced from Iceland and is truly a high-quality product. I use it immediately after I cleanse and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, dewy, fresh and prepped."

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"This is a truly holy grail product. It has the perfect amount of dewiness and truly gives your skin the most incredible glow. It has light coverage so you can apply it quickly with your hands and not worry about streaking. The shade I personally use is Warm Glow."

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"The clarifying toner and serum combo is so great for preventing or treating breakouts. I use this product when my skin is irritated or breaking out. As soon as you apply it your skin feels soothed and comforted and after a week or two you'll see a drastic difference. I personally start to notice a difference after only three days of use."

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"This face oil is so soothing and has the most beautiful texture and natural scent. It has 22 plant-based active ingredients. This means it feeds your skin with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, phytoceramides, aminos and omega fatty acids, which contribute to moisture and glow. Fun fact: I actually like using it when I'm feeling under the weather! Something about all of the active botanicals almost works like an essential oil and feels very healing."

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