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36 Crystal-Infused Beauty Products for Your Astrological Sign

Harness the healing power of crystals through your skin
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Healing crystals are having a serious moment right now. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Adele and Kylie Jenner have all turned to crystals lately to center themselves or help find peace and well-being.

Crystal healing might sound a little loopy, but it's easy to get into once you understand a few basic principles (It also helps that the stones are so darn pretty).

According to Suzie Kerr Wright, astrologer and psychic medium, crystal healing is based on the idea that the universe is here to help us. "If we listen, we get what we need," she says. If you're drawn to a sparkly, purple amethyst, for example, you might think it's because it looks pretty to you on that day. "But what really is going on is that you need extra protection or a little help," says Wright.

Whether there's real science behind it or it's purely placebo effect, devotees claim crystals help de-stress, alleviate anxiety and bring good vibes, like a warm, cosmic hug. So why not give it a try?

To give crystal newbies some direction, Wright hand-picked the best crystal for each astrological sign, which we paired with crystal-infused beauty products. Maybe you're not ready to walk around with a rock in your pocket, but who's to know if you wear it like a mystical shield on your skin?

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Aries, March 21 to April 19
Healing Crystal: Garnet

Why: Aries is a fiery, active sign, says Wright. "They strike first and ask questions later," she explains. Adrenalized Aries tends to make quick decisions based on her own passionate feelings that she sometimes later regrets. Garnet, says Wright, is a grounding stone connected to the root chakra that will allow Aries to see other people's perspectives. While Aries are known for being confident, Wright warns that it's not always a true confidence, but rather a rashness that makes them appear sure of themselves. "When we're truly confident, we don't do things out of fear or impulse," says Wright. Having a stone that reminds Aries to consider another perspective will allow the best things about them -- inner confidence and their ability to lead -- to really shine.

Try ...

Made with the essence of garnet, along with calendula-infused safflower oil and a skin-saving dose of vitamin E, this face serum will bring balance to Aries' spirit and softness to her visage. Win-win.

With garnet, rose quartz and rhodochrosite, this massage oil will center passionate Aries.

Tiny garnet particles in this face scrub gently renew and polish for fresh, incredibly soft skin, increasing Aries' skin cell turnover and expanding her point of view. Vitamin C and camu camu berry give skin that clear, energetic glow.

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