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The Best Astrological Nail Colors to Land a Date

Uncover the most alluring fall 2015 nail color for your Zodiac sign
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Think back to the last time you selected a color at the nail salon. Chances are you gravitated towards a particular shade because it made you feel a certain way--feminine, powerful or as fierce as Beyoncé. But just as a color can sway your frame of mind, it can influence the way others, including that special someone, perceive you.

At least, that's the thinking behind color astrology, which prescribes specific shades to each zodiac sign in order to enhance or downplay its personality traits.

Lucky for us, Enamel Diction's resident in-house color astrologist Rose Theodora has compiled a selection of fall-friendly nail polish hues that will boost each sign's allure, charisma, sex appeal and, yes, even her sex drive.

"These colors bring deeper connections and help the sign become magnetic," says Theodora.

So, whether you're a temperamental Scorpio who needs to tap her soft side with a calming color, or a shy Virgo who wants to unleash her inner seductress with a sultry shade, Theodora's got you covered with her astrological nail color horoscopes.

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Aries (March 19-April 19)
Characteristics: Known for their abundant energy and assertive personalities, Aries are boss babes who know how to get things done. Impulsive and daring, these on-the-go gals tend to crave instant gratification during their well-deserved off-duty hours.

Your Nail Polish Horoscope: "A dark charcoal gray can make an eager sign like Aries slow down, go deep and feel content when getting to know others," says Theodora. "This, combined with their assertive personality, will make them magnetic to others."


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Essie Nail Polish in Frock 'n Roll, $8.50

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Zoya Nail Polish in Tris, $9

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Characteristics: Flowers, candy, bubble baths--the closer your love life is to a romantic comedy, the better. "Taurus appreciates a candlelight dinner more than any other sign," says Theodora of this stubborn yet sensual sign, which ranks as the most romantic of the zodiac.

Your Nail Polish Horoscope:
Reach for brilliant emerald green shades that will help you share your desires with your partner. "Wearing a deep green allows Taurus women to tune into their heart and express their feelings," says Theodora.


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