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What's Your Astrological Power Cleanse?

What detox diet should you do? Let the stars decide
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You've made up your mind: It's time to go on a cleanse. The problem? You have no idea which of the hundreds of detox programs out there is right for you. We feel you. TBH, plugging "detox programs" into Google and sifting through the results is stressful enough to send you right back into the arms of that sinful pint of Ben & Jerry's. Well, it's your lucky day, because the planets have finally aligned — and they're going to choose your cleanse for you.

Yes, you read that right. Your astrological sign can help you choose the right cleanse.

To find out the cleanses that are best suited to each astrological sign, we enlisted Kathy Biehl, a New Jersey-based professional astrologer and the owner of She helped us identify the strongest traits of each zodiac sign and pair them with a compatible detox plan.

Read on to see what cleanse the stars have in mind for you.

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Aries (March 19-April 19)
Characteristics: "Aries is the impulsive, self-motivating go-getter of the zodiac," says Biehl. This fiery sign operates best on its own or when in control -- and not as well under another's command.

Cleanse Horoscope: To get through a cleanse, Aries should make a point to unplug from the every day, says Biehl. Allow yourself to indulge in frequent massages to recharge the mind, body and spirit, and to help balance your energy. "Consciously connecting mind and body will also help," says Biehl. That means reading up about several potential diet programs before trying one or "pursuing a physical regimen with a strong mental component."

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Aries' Star Cleanse: Three-Day Clean Eating Plan
Aries has a knack for starting commitments with gusto, but often fails to finish them, says Biehl. Choose a detox that you can do in short bursts, so you can sustain momentum.

Try: 3-Day Clean-Food Detox Plan

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Characteristics: Much like the bull that represents it, Taurus is a solid, steadfast and sometimes stubborn sign. "It's also particularly attuned to sensory experiences," Biehl says. Think: the color and smell of flowers, the sound of music, the sight, aroma and taste of food, as well as physical touch.

Cleanse Horoscope: Taurus responds well to taking in the beauty of its surroundings, so for detox success, you'll need to keep your senses stimulated. "A liquid plan won't do for long," says Biehl. "Taurus needs the experience of chewing."

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Taurus' Star Cleanse: Whole Food Cleanse
Not ones for depriving themselves of life's finer things, Taurus gals fare best with whole-food cleanses, which allow them to eat a variety of tasty solid food.

Try: Sakara Life

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