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Beat the Heat With These Cooling Beauty Products

Who needs A/C?
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It's summer and you're hot. You're looking for anything and everything to help keep you cool. An Evian spray bottle, a portable fan, hovering over your air conditioner...all viable options, but we have something better. There are actually beauty solutions that can keep you comfortably cool while boosting your skin.

"An ice facial is when ice or ice water is applied to the skin to help decrease inflammation and skin puffiness, soothe and tighten the skin," says Dr. Howard D. Sobel, director and founder of Sobel Skin and attending dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital. For those that don't have access to an ice-based spa treatment, Sobel says that ice rollers, similar to at-home facial rollers or gua sha tools with the added benefit of delivering a cooling sensation, can be used.

Want to go even more basic? Apply a cold compress to your skin. "In my practice we often use cold compresses after fillers, injections or laser treatments to calm inflammation and skin irritation immediately after the procedure," says Sobel.

Another option is to pop your go-to skin care products in the fridge. "Gels and more viscous formulas can be chilled for an immediate sensorial experience," explains Sobel. Colder products instantly elicit a tightening and firming feeling when applied. Sobel recommends Sobel Skin Rx 15% Niacinamide Gel Serum, $75, for immediate cooling, tightened pores and improved texture and tone. "When chilled and used on a hot or sunburned complexion, it provides a comfortable, cooling sensation."

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Stimulate blood circulation to ease inflammation, irritation and redness with this cooling tool. It also works to tighten pores and diminish the appearance of fine lines. The cooling effect lasts up to 30 minutes and can be used anywhere on your face, neck and body.

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Get up to eight hours of cooling with this unique patch. Just peel and stick anywhere, no need to refrigerate.

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This zero-mess, stainless steel facial ball takes the place of ice as it calms inflammation and speeds up your skin's recovery process while cooling you down. It's acne-friendly and safe for all skin types. It's made with an insulating gel that maintains the ball's temperature for up to two hours of cold relief. Activate the ball by simply popping it into the freezer for four to six hours.

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This innovative powder-to-liquid product primes and sets makeup while hydrating skin with a chilling sensation.

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