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6 Skin Care Products That Will Leave You Cool as a Cucumber

Keep your complexion calm and carry on
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No matter how diligent you are with SPF, sometimes your skin can get a little red after spending time out in the sun during the summer months. While aloe is the most well-known skin soother, cucumber is also pretty amazing at calming irritation, as it's a super-cooling ingredient that naturally contains tons of skin-soothing antioxidants, including vitamin C and caffeic acid.

Another cucumber benefit? The antioxidants and natural cooling effect can depuff under-eye bags too. Plus, because cucumbers are made mostly of water, they're really hydrating. So, to help keep your skin calm, cool, and collected this summer, we've rounded up our favorite cucumber skin care products. (Pro tip: Store your cucumber products in the fridge for a seriously refreshing feeling.)

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Create a smooth base for makeup application with this cooling primer, which blurs the look of pores, controls shine, evens out skin tone, and keeps your complexion hydrated. Plus, since it comes in stick form, it's totally convenient — you can throw it in your bag and use it on the go.

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Say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness with these cucumber extract- and caffeine-infused gel eye patches. They also contain chamomile and aloe to soothe redness, niacinamide to even out skin tone, and hyaluronic acid to plump up skin.

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One of the most refreshing skin care products you can use is a facial spray. This one contains a trio of cooling ingredients perfect for summertime use: aloe, cucumber, and green tea. Spritz your face whenever you're feeling hot and bothered.

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Kick back and chill while this cucumber sheet mask literally chills you out. The mask comes with 12 individual "slices" that you can place anywhere on your face or body you want to refresh or depuff. The slices are made of eucalyptus fibers that are suitable even for sensitive skin.

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