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These Coconut Oil Products Promise Whiter Teeth and Fresh Breath

This cooking staple is showing up in a new crop of dental care products
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You're likely familiar with the benefits of coconut oil for your skin and hair, but did you know it can also work wonders for your dental care routine? That's right, coconut oil is being used in everything from mouthwash to teeth whiteners, particularly in natural products. Read on for some of the best coconut dental products that'll give you fresh breath, whiter teeth and healthier gums.

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Kopari Coco Oil Pullers, $28
Containing 14 packets of coconut oil with the perfect amount for oil pulling in each pouch, this teeth whitener can do wonders for your mouth. Oil pulling is a method many people have used for years to leave teeth bright and detoxified, helping protect your mouth from cavities and other oral issues.

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Cocofloss Vanilla Bean Cocofloss, $24
This is not your typical dental floss. It's made of 500+ polyester filaments that help get rid of plaque. Vegan wax makes it easier for the floss to glide painlessly between even the tightest teeth. And thanks to coconut oil, your gums will be beautifully soothed with each motion.

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If you aren't prepared to gargle full-on coconut oil, you'll love this mouthwash that uses that same method but in a more liquidy formula that makes it easier to swish. It comes packed with organic coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate that helps to whiten teeth, leave bad breath at the door and maintain gum health.

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BLAQ has made teeth whitening simple, quick and good for you with this all-in-one wand. It combines activated charcoal and coconut oil to help whiten teeth and keep them healthy. It also tackles bad breath.

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