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8 Toothpaste Alternatives That Get Teeth Clean Naturally

These natural products will give you a sparkling smile and peace of mind
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We can all agree -- brushing your teeth isn't exactly rocket science. Each morning and night we clean our choppers, while rarely considering the effects our toothpaste might have on our health. However, for something that's such an important part of our daily routine -- and so easily accidentally ingested -- we should probably be putting a bit more thought into what we use for oral care.

Case in point: The Food and Drug Administration recently banned an antibacterial chemical called triclosan from soaps, but this same ingredient is still allowed in some of our favorite toothpastes. Why, you ask? Well, according to the New York Times, the teeth whitening benefits outweigh the risks, even though the safety of this ingredient may be questionable.

Feeling uneasy about the tube sitting on your bathroom counter? Then you may want to start brushing with one of these top natural toothpastes. They're made from ingredients you can feel good about, so you can rest assured that your daily brush session won't end up doing more harm than good.

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Cleaning your teeth with charcoal until they're completely covered in black muck may seem counterintuitive, but this mixture of carbon and ash does have some serious whitening powers. Unlike the charcoal you throw into your grill, activated charcoal used in tooth powders acts as a magnet by pulling stains and toxins from your teeth while simultaneously adjusting the pH balance in your mouth. Pro tip: Charcoal can permanently stain your toothbrush so definitely don't use this product on an expensive electric toothbrush.

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LUSH Toothy Tabs, $9.95
If the idea of solid toothpaste sounds like something better left to astronauts, think again. These tiny tablets are supereasy to use and come in a variety of flavors. Simply crunch one tablet between your teeth to break it up, wet your toothbrush and brush normally . Just think, no plastic tube means no excess product is being left behind -- you'll get to use all of the product in the packaging that you paid for.

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A cup (or two) of coffee is probably an essential part of your morning ritual. And though your beloved java might be the only thing that makes you feel alive before 9 A.M., it's not exactly gentle on your teeth. Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste harnesses the aforementioned power of charcoal to absorb dirt and discoloration particles. This product uses a 100 percent natural formula, without plastic particles, bleaching agents, triclosan or sodium laurel sulfate (which is known to be irritating to the skin or stomach if ingested), so you're not putting yourself at risk for enamel damage after continued use.

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Some toothpastes can simply feel a bit too harsh on the gums (that tingling sensation isn't necessarily a good thing) and can even taste a bit chemical at times. This all-natural option has a mild taste, while also being free of fluoride, triclosan and parabans. Talk about win-win.

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