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Chloe Moretz's Tips for Going Makeup-Free and Loving It

Would you ditch your foundation?
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Thanks in part to an exciting new partnership with SK-II, Chloe Moretz is enjoying life makeup-free. The brand is launching the #BareSkinProject, a new campaign featuring Moretz, along with Chun Xia, Kasumi Arimura, Mayu Matsuoka, Ni Ni and Tang Wei — all shot with completely bare skin.

"Now seeing the photos, it's really empowering to have that amount of transparency with my fans," says Moretz. She looks at the campaign (and its star product) as a way "to get yourself to a level where you can wake up in the morning and wear your bare skin out into the world and let your true identity shine from the inside out."

She stresses the concept of good skin care when it comes to rocking the makeup-free look — and shares with us the products that help her get that glow. Read on to learn a few of the star's skin care favorites (and maybe even some of her makeup must-haves as well).

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Consider this the cornerstone of Moretz's skin care routine. She applies it with her hands rather than with a cotton round (which is actually the way Japanese watery essences are meant to be used) and she includes it in her routine morning and night. She also praises the versatile formula: "Whether you have a drier face or an oilier face it doesn't matter — it'll just make your face glow in its own natural way."

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Olive Oil and Honey
"My skin care routine is pretty minimal in a lot of ways," Moretz says. "I use olive oil to wash my face. And/or honey, depending on what my skin is feeling like that day and I use my Facial Treatment Essence morning and night — and that's it."

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Though she mostly sticks to her basics, Moretz admits to a fondness for rosewater — and she likes to buy the stuff from Erewhon ("I'm so LA," she jokes). She didn't mention the brand, but a quick scan of the Erewhon Instacart has us thinking this might just be the one she has in mind.

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"Sheet masking on the plane is actually a major, major travel key," Moretz says, who has flown so much recently that she's made it all the way around the world since January. "It's something that I don't ever not do."

Sheet masking on the plane does come with its costs but in the long run, it's worth it: "I look psychotic," she says with a laugh. "I always have the men on the plane looking at me like a total psychopath. But it works. You get off the plane looking like nothing ever happened to you!"

Moretz's top pick for sheet mask is another SK-II staple. "It doesn't leave a film on your face; it soaks in," she says of the popular mask. "It's not overly oily or slick."

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