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11 Wintry Nail Art Designs That Have Nothing to Do With Christmas

No corny snowmen or reindeer designs here!
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While we absolutely love to get seriously festive for the holiday season, there also comes a point when... enough is enough, you know? And if you book your nail appointment and request an intricate holiday-themed design on your nails, you're essentially stuck with it until the holiday madness is over (aka long after the novelty has worn off).

So, if you're looking to get a little festive with the option of not looking too decked out in holiday cheer, these nail art ideas are perfect for you. Not only do they embody the holiday spirit, but they're also modern and grown up (which is especially key if you're trying to keep things professional and workplace-appropriate).

Read on and screenshot these nail art ideas and take them to your nail tech next time you're heading to the salon. (We can pretty much guarantee they'll let out a breath of relief when you don't show them yet another Santa Claus-themed nail design.)

Image via @buffcsjen

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Seein' Stars
Shiny and embellished with stars? Count us in.

Image via @tinybrushes

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Winter is Coming
This marbled nail art is oh-so chilly in the best way possible.

Image via @buffcsjen

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Contrasting Hues
Red and green aren't the only nail colors to try for winter. This preppy yellow and blue combo gives us all the cozy feels.

Image via @marie_mavric

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Sweet and Simple
Keep things simple with a minimalistic color palette and pattern.

Image via @pippypolish

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