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13 Lip Balms I Actually Use on My Ultra Chapped Lips

Kiss your (own?) chapped lips goodbye
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I don't know if it's because I'm a mouth breather (thanks to some terrible allergies and a severely deviated septum that I'm too chicken to get surgically fixed), or some other form of genetic bad luck, but I have The Most Dry Lips.

Yes, I drink well over eight glasses of water a day and I moisturize like a champ... but it still remains a problem. As such, I have devoted myself to the eternal search for The Best Lip Balms.

My search has yielded some pretty good results as of late, so my lips have actually been pretty happy. Keep reading for a few of my holy grail lip balm formulas, from classic favorites to buzzy new picks.

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Glossier Balm Dotcom, $12

The branding's cute as hell and you know what? The stuff works. It's a no-nonsense multi-purpose salve that helps sooth and seal in moisture like quite the treat. I like the classic version, but the other tints (and flavors!) are a lot of fun too.

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This hemp seed oil-infused lip balm has a lovely user experience: The magnetized cap and weighty packaging give it a luxurious feel, as does the slightly tingly citrus flavor. Though it's made with hemp rather than CBD, it's still got some fun edginess and it's a real joy to use.

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I've been using this balm for well over a decade now and it has yet to fail me. Its no-nonsense petroleum jelly-based formula works like a treat, sealing in moisture while adding a natural sheen. The flavors are also quite fun (I'm partial to strawberry) and the retro aesthetic adds its own unique appeal too.

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Sara Happ The Dream Slip, $34

If your lips are as horribly dry as mine, you might just want to splurge on this dreamy lip mask. The thick, pleasantly sticky formula has major staying power and will keep your lips hydrated all night. I also sometimes wear it during the day and it has a gorgeous, glowy finish.

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