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11 Multipurpose Balms That Solve Any Beauty Problem

If you could pick one desert island beauty product, make it one of these...
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Has anyone ever asked you what your desert island beauty product would be? For us beauty junkies (with our overstuffed makeup bags and 10-step skin care routines), it's a very difficult question to answer.

So, let's be strategic here: If you could take just one product with you, you'd want it solve a multitude of beauty problems, right? Said product should have healing properties as well as the ability to moisturize and beautify skin, hair and nails. Could there possibly be a holy grail out there that could really do all that? Well, that's where multipurpose beauty balms come in: These products really do everything from head to toe — plus, they're portable (which makes them even more perfect for when you find yourself stranded on a desert island).

Here are some of our favorite balms — you'll want to keep one in your purse, your car, your medicine cabinet (you know, just about everywhere). Spread them on just about everything from bug bites, to tattoos, to frizzy hair and everything in between — your skin will thank you for it.

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If you're looking for a petroleum-free, plant-based balm that does it all, give this balm a try. It's made of all-natural glycerin (from palm trees) and castor seed oil. The balm is unscented and has a viscous feeling when you apply it, but it quickly melts into skin and leaves it soft, hydrated (while also promoting faster healing). You can use this balm for everything — from your garden variety curling iron burns, to pesky diaper rashes, to post-surgical skin (heck, you can even use it to tame flyaways).

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This super concentrated dry oil balm is made up of fragrant tuberose and hazelnut oils; both of which are full of essential fatty acids and vitamins (and also happen to boast antimicrobial and antifungal properties). Suffice it to say, it's a nifty cure-all product to bring with you on vacation because it sinks right into skin, soothing and calming it, without leaving behind any greasiness. Use it on anything from dry skin, wrinkles, blemishes, bug bites, sunburns, eczema — and so much more.

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Cosmedix Rescue+, $59
This soothing balm was originally intended to use on skin post-treatment to help it heal faster, but it does so much more than that. It's made of argan oil and shea butter, two antioxidant-rich ingredients that hydrate and help your skin retain moisture as well as diminish inflammation. Smooth it on your face or body — anywhere that is dry or irritated. Pro tip: It feels especially nice right after a chemical peel or a sunburn.

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This thick, rich, healing balm is full of apian ingredients and can be used for just about anything. It contains honey, propolis and royal jelly — three bee products that are known for their anti-microbial, regenerative and nourishing properties. Keep this little miracle tube on hand for whatever life throws your way (it even works as a balmy highlighter).

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