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Bored by Water? Here Are 8 Ways to Enhance Your 8 Glasses a Day

Drink up!
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Some people thirstily guzzle water like it ain't no thing. Others, however, truly struggle to get their daily eight glasses. If you're in the latter camp, we've got two things to say:

First, your mother was absolutely right when she told you it's super important to drink enough fluids throughout the day. Your body literally depends on water to survive, so consistently getting subpar quantities of fluid means you won't be able to function as efficiently. This can cause you to feel groggy, foggy, sore, and dehydrated. Also, your skin will be drier and less vibrant, and your body won't eliminate waste as well.

Second, we totally understand not liking the taste of water (water is so boring!), or struggling to get enough throughout the day due to forgetfulness. Fortunately, there are some products out there that'll make your water intake goals easier to achieve. Plus, in addition to improving the taste, they'll also give you an extra boost of nutrition — so it's a win-win.

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Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate has been the recipient of much buzz over the last couple years. It's a concentrated solution (which means you just add a few droppers-full to your water) that's formulated with silica, rose, and 72 trace minerals. Silica doubles down on cellular hydration, the rose calms and reduces inflammation, and the minerals nourish. The taste is slightly rosy — not overpoweringly so — which makes you feel pretty bougie. Also, note that the kit comes with two 2 oz. bottles that each have 10 servings, so the cost is technically $2 per serving.

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Hum Nutrition Raw Beauty to Go in Mint Chocolate Chip, $25

Yup, you can have your chocolate chip-flavored drink and nutritional boost, too. These 15 on-the-go packets contain an intense blend of antioxidant and fiber-rich superfoods along with enzymes and probiotics. Despite the sinful-sounding flavor, each serving only has 30 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Just empty the powder contents into hot or cold water (or your favorite beverage) and drink. If you're not a fan of mint chocolate chip, it also comes in a vanilla and a berry flavor, too.

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Sipping on a can of Petal's Sparkling Botanical Blend will make you feel fancy — and healthy — AF. Each bottle contains a light, antioxidant-rich, organic blend of floral and botanical extracts along with a smidge of sweet agave nectar. There's zero caffeine, no refined sugar, no chemical additives, and lots of flavor options to choose from. Our favorites are Original Rose, Lemongrass Dandelion, Peach Marigold, and Mint Rose. You can get a mixed pack of 12 for $28 on Amazon.

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Prefer to have a little caffeine with your daily fluid intake? We gotchu. Phocus Sparkling Waters combine tea-extracted caffeine with a variety of natural botanical flavors. There are five options to choose from: cucumber, yuzu and lime, blood orange, grapefruit, and non-flavored. You can get a mixed pack of 12 for $20 on Amazon.

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