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The 5 Best Bronzers for Darker Skin

Want a little extra glow? Need that skin to pop? These are our recommendations
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It's summer and it's time to show your glow.

There's a common misconception that darker skin tones can't wear bronzer — rest assured, this is completely wrong.

Yes, bronzers from back in the day would often look chalky or orange on darker skin tones, but there's been a lot of advancement for inclusivity in the beauty world — and now we have great bronzers for all.

Now, while options are still limited a bit more limited for those with darker skin, there are still some pretty great ones on the market... that will leave you looking like you just came back from some tropical holiday, or like you belong in the latest Rihanna music video. Keep reading to see our top picks.

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This one is a favorite amongst makeup artists since it contours, sculpts and bronzes your skin all at the same time!

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Get this one in caramel, as it looks gorgeous against dark skin tones. Plus, the gel-based texture gives you a great, naturally glowy look.

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These illuminating gold tones will make your skin pop — you'll be the envy of all. Plus, it's since it's an all-in-one kit, you can get your contour on, too.

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Available in eight inclusive shades (ranging from "Inda Sun" to "Mocha Mami"), we're all about Rihanna's buttery bronzer collection. It applies like a dream and the range of undertones and shades make it easy to find your perfect match.

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