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Our 14 Favorite Fenty Beauty Products, Ranked

We've chosen our top 14 favorite beauty products from the brand and ranked them from great to really, really great.
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When I tell people I try beauty products for a living, their first question is almost invariably, "What's the best thing you've ever tried?" When answering, I often find myself singing the praises of Fenty Beauty, usually saying something like, "You know Rihanna's brand? Yeah, it really is as good as everyone on Instagram says."

Yes, there's the fact that the brand's now-50-shade foundation and concealer range totally changed the game (in a phenomenon dubbed "The Fenty Effect") but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The packaging is cool, the formulas are cooler, and in a nutshell, Rihanna just seems to have an amazing instinct for creating the makeup products we never knew we needed.

So yeah, I've basically loved everything I've tried from the line — but to help you on your shopping mission, I've narrowed it down to my top 14 favorites, ranked...keep reading to see them all.

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If you're looking for a shimmery, shiny blush and/or highlighter, the Killawatts might just be a better bang for your buck. That said, these nifty sticks are great for on the go. We like to keep one in our glove compartment for a last-minute kiss of color. Plus, the shade range is just so fun, from the iridescent lavender Confetti to the peachy Yacht Lyfe.

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Is the shape slightly gimmicky? Sure, but it also works. The chisel-wedge shape really does "hug" your cheekbones and all its angles make it quite versatile. (You can even use it for eyeshadow in a pinch.) And if you like this one, you may want to check out its new big sister, the Cheek Hugging Bronzer Brush 190, $36.

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12. Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint, $24
The true matte finish is dramatic and photogenic and the inclusive shade range is gorgeous. We're major fans of the original Uncensored red, which has a chameleon-like ability to transform on different skin tones and undertones — and you can't go wrong with the goth-friendly Uninvited black. Our main caveat is the fact that it can be messy (transfer-proof it is NOT), as well as its slightly drying formula. But those are minor quibbles when it comes to an otherwise, well, stunning liquid lipstick.

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11. Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb, $28
"Fairy" is an accurate descriptor for these powders because the shine they afford your skin is ethereal, rather than chunky. And even with the major, major color payoff, they add a soft-focus glow to your look that feels lit-from-within.

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