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The Best Bronzers and Luminizers to Liven Up Winter Skin

The quickest way to get a healthy, natural-looking glow
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Do you even remember what the warmth of the summer sun feels like? (Probably not, unless you were one of the lucky ones to jet off to somewhere tropical for the holidays.) It's the dead of winter and last summer almost feels like it never existed. Our tans have long faded despite our best efforts to prolong them. Winter hibernation, the lack of sunshine and cold and flu season have given our complexions a ghoulish cast. Tanning beds are out of the question and self-tanners can often look laughably fake in the dark days of winter. A better solution is to bring some warmth back into skin with natural bronzers and luminizers.

Finding the right bronzer can be tricky in the summer, but it's even more of a challenge for lackluster winter skin. Quite often, bronzers are too orange, too muddy or too shiny. Ahead, we've selected the best bronzers and luminizers to revive winter complexions.

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This complexion booster really is natural enough that it can be applied all over — that includes on cheeks, eyes and even lips. Just a pinch will cover the majority of the face, so start off small and gradually build up to the desired intensity.

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Rosé plus shimmer plus a clean, organic formula? Yes, yes, yes. This soft pink cream luminizer has the perfect amount of pigment and shine to work on any skin tone and for any time of the year. It contains coconut oil and castor seed oil for easy blending and to provide more hydration to parched complexions.

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It's a bronzer, but not a bronzer. The dropper bottle with serum formula automatically makes it different from the usual powders. One or two drops leave behind a universally flattering natural glow. The bonus is the formula contains SPF 30 and vitamin C Ester to fight sun damage. Remember, sun protection is something we still need even when it's freezing outside.

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Skin should always look soft, natural, healthy and radiant. This flattering bronzer makes skin look lit from within as opposed to looking like you're wearing makeup. Vitamin C and botanical conditioners give the bronzer a silky finish and are welcome during these drying months.

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