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19 Best Wellness Gifts to Help You De-Stress This Season

Get ready for some mindfulness
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No matter how hard you try, you can't avoid the fact the holidays are madness. You can, however, make sure that your body and mind are ready to take on whatever the "most wonderful time of the year" brings. Even with all the festive cheer, the holidays bring stress, chaos, and some potentially awkward family dinner conversations (you know it's true). Gear up for all that the season brings with these stress-relieving and mindfulness-inducing finds, ranging from bath time staples, to candles that'll give your home a zen feel.

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Avocado Green Meditation Pillow, $79
Take your meditation practice to another level — literally — by sitting on this supportive, buckwheat-filled pillow. Even if you're new to meditation, the comfort and style that this pillow brings will give your body, mind, and spirit a much-needed boost.

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Give Lovely Be You Gift Box, $60
It's easy to lose yourself during chaotic seasons of life — the holidays, especially. This box is full of everything you need, ranging from mindfulness cards to acai berry bath crystals, to remind you to check in with yourself as soon as the stress hits.

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Red Table Talk WNRS Core Game + Inner Circle Expansion Pack Bundle, $34
Bring Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk to your next girls' night (schedule one, stat) with this thought-provoking game, complete with 25 questions to encourage everyone at the table to open up, reflect, and share what's on their heart.

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Scentered I Want To De-Stress Christmas Edition, $49.50
The name says it all: The scent of the essential oil-based lip balm and candle in this beautifully packaged gift set bring instant relaxation and calmness to you and your space.

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