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These Sunscreen Sticks Are So Easy, You'll Have No Excuse Not to Reapply

Say goodbye to cold, thick sunscreens once and for all
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Wearing sunscreen might be non-negotiable, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer through our daily application of the stuff. If you loathe putting on sunscreen, the problem might simply be that you haven't yet found the right formula. There are so many sunscreen deliveries to choose from including sprays, mineral powders, gels and tinted lotions, yet many of us still seem to default to traditional thick lotions. Formulas have come a long way, and there's one product aiming to convert the haters: sunscreen sticks.

Sunscreen sticks offer as much protection as any other formula, yet they're quick and easy to apply and reapply. The solid formulation allows sunscreen sticks to be stashed in purses, beach bags and carry-ons without fear of leakage. Not to mention, they're a TSA-friendly dream.

Ready to trade your goopy lotion for a convenient sunscreen stick? Read on for 12 favorites that will (almost) make applying sunscreen a delight.

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Buy these purse-friendly sunscreens in bulk to see you through the summer and into the fall. The non-toxic sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide plus shea butter and essential oils to provide hydration. The formula is dermatologist tested, pH balanced and safe for those with sensitive skin. Swimmers take note: it's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

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There's no mess, no white tint and pretty much no effort required to apply this sunscreen. It offers broad spectrum SPF 70 UVA and UVB protection and it's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Just remember to reapply post-swim.

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Put a new twist on festival makeup with Bare Republic's neon sunscreen sticks. The cruelty-free sticks come in six vivid colors. Wear one or layer a couple. You'll stay protected thanks to the zinc oxide broad spectrum SPF 50 formula. It might not be an everyday sunscreen, but it's perfect for fun outings. A face full of electric color beats the ghoulish white tinge some sunscreens can leave behind any day. The sticks also have natural scents including coconut and raspberry. You'll want them all.

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Those who hate sunscreen often dislike it because of the obvious white tinge it leaves behind. This innovative sunscreen stick has a clear formula that's suitable for all skin tones. Perfect for summer, it creates a protective veil on skin that actually becomes stronger in the presence of water and perspiration. It's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

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