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13 Sunscreens That Take the Hassle Out of Reapplying

These game-changing new formulas and delivery systems take the hassle out of applying (and reapplying)
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Remembering to apply sunscreen daily makes you feel pretty darn good about your skin-care routine -- and general adultness level. If you're applying SPF every day (or close to it), we suspect you also regularly contribute to your 401K and eat vegetables with most meals.

And then there are the rest of us, who mean to apply sunscreen every day, but forget to or feel put out by the textures and formulas that can be chalky, greasy, messy or breakout-inducing. We get it. Adulting is hard.

But before you despair, allow us to introduce you to a new class of sunscreens that make application and reapplication not only easy, but something you might even look forward to -- really. These are the mists, oils, powders and foams that are so sneaky about slipping in SPF that you wouldn't even know it's there.

Here, the best new sunscreens that don't feel like sunscreen.

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According to the sunscreen forecast, there is a zero percent chance of white streaks with this antioxidant-rich, lightweight SPF oil. The formula, made with nourishing argan and meadowfoam seed oil, blends easily into skin for full protective coverage, and is moisturizing to boot. Use it in place of your daily body lotion or moisturizer. Worn under makeup, the oil provides a sheen that peeks through just enough to look dewy, not greasy.

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An SPF spray that not only won't mess up your makeup, but actually makes it look better? We're in. Reapplying sunscreen with this superfine mist is a breeze. It requires no rubbing in, dries almost instantly and doesn't feel oily or greasy. It feels more like a quick, refreshing pick-me-up than a bummer that messes with your perfectly highlighted face.

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This much-buzzed-about Glossier sunscreen isn't all over your social media for naught: It has some pretty stellar qualities worth talking about. The milky, gel-like formula rubs in smoothly and absorbs instantly. The finish is completely clear and works on any skin tone. With an SPF of 35 that protects against UVA and UVB rays, the protection level meets the requirements of most derms. It also contains vitamin E and broccoli and aloe leaf extracts to help protect against pollution and free radicals. With a citrusy, zingy scent, what's not to love?

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The sensitive-skinned sporty set will appreciate this: a zinc-based mineral sunscreen that is clear, sheer and water- and sweat-resistant. The stick packaging makes it easy to swipe on after a couple hours outside, and it's small enough to carry in your purse. Organic shea butter, avocado and jojoba oils round out the list of reasons why you'll actually look forward to applying this easy-to-use sunscreen.

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