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Your Bathroom, Only Better: How to Create a Spa-Like Experience at Home

Find your zen without setting foot outside your own bathroom
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Let's face it, life is busy, and most of us haven't quite figured out how to unwind. With work, taking care of our kids (and/or furbabies) and dealing with the unexpected stressors that come our way, it can be hard to just take a second and remember to breathe -- forget about actually making it to the spa for some "me" time.

Fortunately, we've gathered all the ingredients you need to create a relaxing, upscale experience from the comfort of your own home. It's time to unplug and de-stress with these easy tips to turn your bathtub into your own personal sanctuary.

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Create Your Own Spa-Water
There's something about gulping down spa water that's so much better than sipping on regular H2O. To start your day of relaxation, fill up a pitcher with cold, filtered water, add cucumber and lemon slices and let it sit for around 10 minutes before enjoying. Keep the pitcher and a cup bath-side to sip on while you relax.

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Light Some Candles
Your harsh bathroom lighting is hardly conducive to deep, cleansing breaths, which is why you'll want to bask in the glow of soft candlelight instead. You'll still be able to see -- crucial if you want to read while in the tub -- but you'll also have created a calming ambiance.

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Find the Right Temperature
This is a bath, not a hot tub, so your water shouldn't be scalding hot. Studies have shown that sitting in water that's too hot can break down your skin's protective barrier, which means you're more prone to the effects of pollution and germs. Not to mention, it will dry out your skin. We're not saying you have to get out a thermometer and measure the exact temperature, but a good rule of thumb is that if it feels uncomfortable when you step in, it's too hot.

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Use a Fragranced Body Wash
Nothing says "spa" quite like a gorgeously scented, luxurious body wash. Caress Daily Silk Silkening Body Wash is a fabulous perfume in skin-softening form. It features delicate floral notes, as well as a hint of white peach and orange blossom. The creamy, sudsy formula leaves skin soft, hydrated and smelling amazing. Try adding it as you draw your bath for a bubbly experience.

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