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9 Travel-Friendly Solid Perfume Balms to Try This Spring

It's time to discover the latest solid scents on the market.
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Whether you're always in a rush to get out the door in the morning and forget to spritz on your signature scent or you hate the overpowering cloud of fragrance often associated with classic perfumes, it's time to get to know perfume balms. Much like perfume oils, perfume balms tend to be more heavily concentrated to create a longer-lasting scent that really sticks to skin. Also known as solid perfumes, these non-liquid scents feature mixtures of hardened oils, waxes and other ingredients to dab fragrance exactly where you want it, without going overboard.

While perfume balms have been around for ages (literally, as they were popular in Ancient Egyptian times), they're coming back into style. Whatever the reason may be, there's no denying that we're stoked for the travel-friendly product's return. Ahead, we've rounded up nine solid perfume balms to help get your collection started.

Image via @glossier

Cover image via @glossier

When Derek Lam launched his 10 Crosby scent collection, the world went nuts. So you can imagine the excitement when the fragrance line was extended into solid perfume balms. Our favorite of the whole collection is this fruity balm with notes of honeysuckle and crisp apple. The fresh scent is perfect for spring and summer — or all year round.

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Featuring the brand's classic blend of violet, sandalwood and rich vanilla, this woodsy solid perfume balm is equal parts sensual and subdued. Swipe it on your pulse points to make an impression that will last.

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Inspired by the label's iconic trench coat, this floral solid perfume balm is bursting with notes of patchouli, freesia heart and sweet pea. Dab some on to smell like you just walked through an English garden after rainfall.

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Though the sleek design of this solid perfume balm will draw you in, the scent will keep you around. The fresh citrus fusion has base notes of amber and vetiver to serve as the perfect musky scent for both men and women. Formulate with sweet almond, coconut and soybean oil, it's hydrating, too.

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