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Perfume Oils Are the Next Big Thing in Fragrance: Here Are 13 to Try

Perfume oils are more concentrated and longer lasting, what more could you want?
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No doubt, oil is having a moment in the beauty world. From cleansing oils to facial oils to hair oils, beauty oils and their many benefits have finally gone mainstream. Now, perfume oils are the latest oil poised to be the next big thing.

What are perfume oils?

Often when people think of perfume oil, patchouli and other single-note essential oils come to mind. But perfume oils have come a long way, now offering complex fragrance combinations that rival classic perfumes. And unlike most spray fragrances, perfume oils are alcohol-free, so they tend to be more highly concentrated and longer lasting. The fragrance notes deepen throughout the day instead of quickly fading like classic perfumes.

Why choose a perfume oil over a classic spray?

Perfume oils typically come in rollerball form, so you can control exactly where the perfume is applied (on the pulse points, obvs). They're ideal for layering and, unlike a traditional spritz where you walk around in a cloud of scent, perfume oils are more subtle and focused.

As if the long-lasting scent wasn't enough, perfume oils are less irritating than sprays, largely due to the absence of alcohol, making them an absolute dream for sensitive skin. What's more, oils are hydrating and help enhance the skin's moisture barrier while adding a delicious scent. Not to mention, rollerballs are ideal for travel and on-the-go touchups as there's no risk of spillage and they easily fit in even the smallest bag.

Ready to give perfume oil a try? Read on for some of our favorite scents to start your collection.

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Lake & Skye 11 11, $48
If you've ever wished for an airy, clean scent, you'll fall in love with 11 11. Created to evoke the ocean, with every wear you'll get caught up in a calming, earthy scent that will have people asking what you're wearing.

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Riddle Muse Roll-On Oil, $50
If you love a simple scent that seems playful and sweet without being overpowering, you'll love catching a whiff of this amber, peach and coconut perfume oil. With additional notes of peony, honeysuckle, magnolia and bergamot, you'll smell like a warm summer day.

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Who doesn't love an under-the-radar scent? When this evocative, woody fragrance makes its first impression, you (and anyone around you) won't soon forget it. Simple, subtle and soulful, this soft scent will linger on your skin for the perfect kiss of fragrance.

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Kai Perfume Oil, $48
Centered around notes of gardenia and white florals, this subtle perfume oil features an essential oils base that will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

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