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Meet the Perfect Sex Toy for Your Zodiac Sign

For pleasure vibrations of cosmic proportions
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Having a healthy and satisfying sex life is a natural way to de-stress, improve mental and physical health, as well as intensify intimacy and learn more about yourself and the other, so investing in sex toys can be the perfect way to spruce up your intimate time, either alone or with a partner. There is, however, an abundance of sex toys out there, and the only way to discover which type(s) will make you feel good (and, just as important, which won't) is to try different ones. As many as you can. But...where to start?

Sexual wellness site has collated a list of sex toys matching every zodiac sign, focusing on their traits and characteristics. Even though astrology might not be the first thing you think of when exploring sexual behaviors, it can play a major part in what makes you tick, so this guide could be a fantastic place to start if you want to try a feeling for the first time — or expand your existing sex toy collection and experience. expert elaborates: "By tuning in to your astrological sign and pairing it with your perfect sex toy, you allow both you and your partner to get the most out of desires, which you might not even realize they had. It is also a fantastic way to explore yourself through solo playtime and connect with yourself on a more sensual and intimate level." Ready for some fun and joy?

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As Aries are fire signs, they are definitely not shy in the bedroom. They are full of energy, always up for new adventures and seek spontaneity, which is why they are one of the fiercest zodiac signs. Aries are independent and the best at taking charge of their own fantasies. Aries are happy to engage in anything that makes them tick, and are great at self-pleasure. The perfect toy for Aries is a Bit or any type of mouth restraint; these suit an Aries who flourishes through intimate discovery and is happy to go that extra step into the world of sex toys.

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A Taurus is known for loving shared experiences but can sometimes struggle to escape their comfort zone, leading to stubbornness and caution when trying new things. Luckily, this can be used to a Taurus' advantage in the bedroom and through self-exploration by easing into new sex toys. Handcuffs can be a great place to start, as they allow your partner to take control and let you discover the unknown. If you are a Taurus and want to focus more on self-pleasure, try a vibrator that changes speed unexpectedly and takes control.

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Thrill and excitement are top priorities for a Gemini, as well as being known for their seductiveness; they will thrive with the right toys. Unplanned, spontaneous and exciting sex is what they desire, so if you're a Gemini wanting to experiment with toys to use with a partner, you should try something that doesn't take up a lot of room and is easy to carry around should spontaneity take over. A small rabbit vibrator is a perfect choice as they are lightweight, easy to use and can make quite an impact.

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Cancers are emotional, sensitive and sentimental; they love to care for others and are heartfelt lovers, so they are big on partner satisfaction. But it is time for them to focus on themselves, which is why a waterproof massager is a perfect option for relaxation and me-time. Taking a toy into the bathroom is the perfect way to start or finish any self-care routine, and this stress relief route will help any Cancer to put themselves first for a change.

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