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Aries Season Vibe Check: This Limited Edition Makeup Is Perfect for Your Loud Aries Friend

Vivacious, flawless and fuss-free
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Try to learn about an Aries woman and you'll discover that, among other traits, the energetic Aries likes to make her presence known, loves self-conquering and requires quality and as less fuss as possible. Translate that into makeup language: the less demanding a product is to use, the better. Aries women would like a finished look (and for it to be achieved quickly), so multipurpose makeup products would be something they would most often reach for.

They also have a playful, vivacious side, and appreciate newness, everything to do with the now. If they're being bold with makeup, they'd most likely use it in a balanced way — if they went bold here, they'll go nude-ish there. Add to that their love of adventure and the road is leading to limited edition, high impact, quality performance beauty; just the way Aries is herself.

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KVD Beauty Moongarden Vegan Eyeshadow Palette, $42.50
The custom artwork by tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini is one half of the appeal. The other half would be richly pigmented, bold shades of velvety eyeshadows in matte, satin and metallic finishes. The versatile ways to wear these colors inspires creativeness on the spot.

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Illamsqua Frankly Amy Limited Edition Beauty Box, $50
In recognition of Amy Winehouse and with part of the proceeds going to the charity in her name, this set was created to include Amy's go-to blush and lipstick, plus the staples for Amy's signature look: an intense black mascara, a brow enhancer, some corner fake lashes, and of course — a precise, matte, jet black liquid eyeliner.

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Essie Cyber Society Hyperlinked, $9.99
The bright, creamy blue looks great across all skin tones and can look super fashionable.

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19/99 Beauty Limited Edition Precision Colour Pencil in Zold, $26
St. Patrick's Day may be just around the corner, but this limited edition green will make a statement any day — and it can be used all over.

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