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Retire Flat, Lifeless Hair With the Newest Volumizing Shampoos

Discover improved formulations, new launches, and standing favorites
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Are you tired of feeling frustrated with your flat, lackluster hair every single day? Well, the cavalry has arrived! Want big results? Big changes happen via small ones, so drop that shampoo that's not doing you any favors, and turn your focus to new volumizing shampoos that kick flat, lifeless hair to the curb faster than you can say "bad hair day". What makes these shampoos stand out from the crowd? Improved formulations that work wonders on even the most stubborn strands. Whether your hair is fine, thin, or just downright lifeless, these volumizing shampoos will bring your bounce back.

Discover a variety of new launches and some standing favorites: those of us with fine hair will experience the biggest difference, but even if you don't have these issues, you could benefit greatly from giving a volumizing shampoo a try. Do you have sensitive scalp, but still want hair with flair? No problem, we have a low shampoo here, too — aaand it's Italian (mamma mia!). Have your curls been misbehaving lately? Yup, there's a volumizing, delightfully moisturizing shampoo for you, as well. From innovative ingredients to tried-and-true classics whose formulations have been upgraded, there's something for everyone in this quest for lively, manageable, cooperative hair.

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This gentle shampoo nourishes fine, thin hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and full of bounce. Formulated with velvet flower peptides and antioxidant bioactives, it boosts volume, adds shine, and increases hair density, while being safe for colored-treated locks. Expect touchable body and bounce with improved movement.

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This new volumizing shampoo by Phyto has been specially formulated for fine hair. It has a light fluid gel texture, and it perfectly cleanses hair while adding weightless body and volume to the hair fiber.

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Divi Volumizing Shampoo, $32
For lift, bounce, and volume, look to this shampoo that comes with a blend of postbiotics, green tea, glucosamine, microalgae, tea tree oil, and biotin. Specifically designed for thinning hair, it effectively removes buildup, balances the scalp, and leaves hair fresh and soft.

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Green algae promotes strand strength, barley protein adds thickness and fullness, argan oil maintains moisture and shine, aloe boosts softness, vitamin E stimulates growth, pro-vitamin B5 balances and hydrates, while sustainably harvested Atlantic seaweed nourishes and detoxifies with its abundance of vitamins and minerals — how is that for power of nature?

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