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Hold Your Head Up High With These Scalp Serums In Your Arsenal

For any and all of your scalp concerns
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Your hair feeling a bit blah lately? Is it just hanging there, all lifeless-like? Or is it that your scalp is acting up again? And just as you've had some peace and got to enjoy all the lovely hair products you've been dying to try? Has it punished you with itchiness and dryness in return? Might be just the right time to introduce a scalp serum! Let's get right to it: all scalp serums are scalp treatments, but not all scalp treatments are scalp serums. The difference? Well, what does a serum make? Just as in face and body care, where we have facial serums and body serums, the skin on our heads also requires skincare. And sometimes that skincare, scalpcare (sorry), means bringing out the big guns, each for a target of their own.

Just like facial serums, scalp serums are made with concentrated ingredients and they provide a more targeted treatment to help address specific scalp or hair concerns. Plus, any scalp issues can directly affect hair health, its feel, and beauty. You will discover how the same way skin on our faces and bodies signals to us of changed needs (through feelings of tightness, congestion, lack of luster, for instance), when we included targeting serums in our routines and it proved to be a game-changer — so our scalp benefits just as much from scalp serums when we provide what is needed. We've selected various ones for you to get better acquainted with this product — whether you are about to try one for the first time ever, or wish to address thinning hair, product buildup, excessive oiliness or are dealing with hair and scalp issues due to hormonal re-balancing post pregnancy — you are bound to find (at least) one that will seem tailor-made for your current needs!

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Jupiter Restoring Serum, $28.79
Zinc pyrithione is the lead actor here, and it is used to treat underlying causes of dandruff. Working alongside niacinamide, it is also perfect for getting rid of oil build up and is safe for everyday use. The bonus is the soothing and moisturizing effect it has on irritated areas.

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Great choice for first-time scalp serum users who don't yet have any major scalp concerns, but rather wish to look after and maintain their scalp health. The light, milky formula supports scalp hydration by utilizing a combination of ingredients that mimic the function of natural moisturizing factors, along with hyaluronic acid and squalane. The scalp's barrier is supported without weighing down the hair.

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This little drugstore gem of a scalp serum soothes dry, flaky and itchy scalp from first use. Harnessing the power of nature, with ingredients like tea tree oil, menthol, aloe vera, adaptogens, neem, burdock and bearberry, it helps in keeping scalp more balanced and hydrated for optimal health.

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A true multitasker, keep this one on your shelf and apply it daily, even if your hair is dyed: it actually makes a great protective pre-treatment prior to hair coloring or bleaching to help prevent scalp discomfort. It also exfoliates, nourishes and hydrates the scalp, eases dryness, reduces hair fallout and activates hair growth. All hair types-friendly, too!

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