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10 Nail Strengtheners to Help You Grow Longer, Healthier Nails

No more splitting or cracking.
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Whether you prefer getting gel manicures at the salon or painting your nails at home, one thing's for certain. All those polish changes can do a number on your nails. We're talking weak, brittle nails that split and crack super easily. Luckily, there are several nail strengtheners on the market you can use to nurse your nails back to health.

Here are the best ones that help grow longer, healthier nails.

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This nail strengthening treatment has a natural pink tint and features nail bonding technology to bolster fragile nails. It creates a protective barrier plus it adds shine so you can wear it solo.

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Enter a bargain nail strengthener that really works. This one has a micro-diamond and titanium formula that seals fragile nails with a protective shield and puts an end to breakage and splitting.

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If you regularly rock gel manis or artificial nails, then you'll want this nail strengthening base and top coat in your arsenal. It's formulated especially for nails damaged by gel or nail remover and does an excellent job of strengthening weak nails and encouraging new growth.

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You can use this nail strengthener as a base coat or alone to reap the benefits. It's formulated with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium to harden nails so they can grow long and strong.

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