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8 Products for the Perfect At-Home Mani

No appointment necessary
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While it's a real treat to get an in-salon manicure, doing your own nails in the comfort of your home has a number of benefits, too. For starters, the cost-savings is no joke. At $50 a pop for a professional manicure at a frequency of once per month, you're looking at an annual spend of $600. Second, doing your own manicure can be downright therapeutic: It's like an art project, but one you get to take with you wherever you go! So, if you're planning to dive into the at-home mani game, these eight products will help ensure a professional end result.

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First things first: you've got to get yourself a nice little manicure kit that does it all. Sephora Collection's seven-piece deluxe kit contains a cuticle nipper, cuticle trimmer, angled nail clippers, regular nail clippers, a double-ended trimmer/pusher, toenail clipper, and scissors. And it all comes in a sleek striped bag so you don't misplace your items.

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Your actual nails get all the attention, but tending to your cuticles is also super important. Failing to do so is like mowing the yard but leaving all the weeds! In addition to looking gnarly, built-up cuticles can also impede the quality of your actual manicure, leading to peeling and messy edges. There are two important steps in maintaining healthy cuticles: nourishing them with an oil and trimming away the dead cuticle, and Deborah Lippmann's new CPR Cuticle Protection and Repair Pens, $39, are great for both.

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OPI Crystal Nail File, $9.95

Those harsh sandpaper-feeling nail files are, well, fine, but switching to a crystal nail file is a serious game-changer. Also referred to as a "glass nail files," this type of nail file never gets dull and always delivers a flawless finish. The glass also helps seal the keratin layers of your nails together around the edges to prevent a jagged finish. Also, it's way easier to keep sanitary.

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Olive & June The Poppy, $15.99

Forget the haphazard nail polish application process. This genius manicure tool features an ergonomic design that fits snugly in your hand and makes for a smoother, more "in the lines" manicure. It also fits on any standard-size bottle so you can use it with all your existing nail polishes. You may be skeptical, but trust us: It's another game-changer.

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