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8 Indie Beauty Brands That Want to Be the Next Glossier

Indie beauty brands are making their way to the forefront — and we want to try them all
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The second Glossier hit the beauty scene, influencers and Instagram users alike went insane. Everyone raved about the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dotcom and Perfecting Skin Tint. The brand's popularity was largely due to the reputation of Into The Gloss and its founder Emily Weiss, but the millennial-focused marketing, packaging and attitude is the real secret to Glossier's success. Through social media and digital branding, the beauty company feels like your best friend, which is exactly what your favorite beauty products often become.

Unsurprisingly, many other indie beauty brands have popped up, trying to achieve the same instant success. While some flopped, others have flourished. More than ever, consumers are open to trying the latest and greatest from indie brands that they're finding on Etsy, Instagram and other social media outlets. Consumers no longer care if their products have a big brand name to back them up, as long as they work (and even better if they make for a pretty shelfie).

Ahead are eight indie hair care and skin care brands that are angling to be the next Glossier.

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The brand originally started off as a beauty and fashion blog (sound familiar?) but got such a great response that founder Lindsey Arnold decided to take it one (incredibly huge) step further. Aside from its weirdly-satisfying-to-look-at minimalistic packaging, Velvet Report prides itself on providing customers with high quality, vegan beauty products. The name itself stands for (V)egan (E)thical (L)uxury (VET)ted. The brand has proven the motto to be true: You can live a vegan life — including your skincare — without sacrificing luxury.

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Gisou, @gisou
Popular fashion and beauty blogger Negin Mirsalehi is known for having better-than-a-Kardashian hair. Her long, full brown locks are her signature, which is why it makes so much sense that she created Gisou, a bee-based, sulfate- and paraben-free hair product line. For six generations, she's had beekeepers in her family, so when her mother couldn't find the perfect product to keep her hair healthy, she created her own. Gisou features honey from the Mirsalehi's honeycombs, which provides all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your hair needs to look and feel shiny, strong and protected.

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Meet your new favorite ultra-gentle, plant-based skin care line started by sensitive skin struggler Johanna Peet. The line was formulated to be simple, calming and help to restore the skin's natural health. To make that happen, Peet made sure that no matter what, her formulas would be free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, silicones or petroleum. Aside from harmful ingredients, the skin care products are also free of other harsh actives that can irritate sensitive skin, like fragrances and potent extracts.

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There are many topics that women are hesitant to talk about in public and Mega Babe is out to break the taboos, thanks to incredible products, encouraging social media posts and hella cute packaging. The line was born to solve many unsexy issues that women deal with, like thigh chafing, body odor, boob sweat and sweaty vaginas. The simple, non-toxic brand offers creative, unique and much-needed products like Thigh Rescue, an anti-chafe stick, Bust Dust, an anti-boob sweat spray, Rosy Pits, a deodorant, and Megafresh Wipes, pH-balancing care-down-there cleansing cloths.

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