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10 Hairstyles That Can Stand Up to the Windiest Weather

Your hair doesn't have to look like a disaster just because it's blowing like a hurricane outside.
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Ever notice how, on a blustery, nasty-weather day, some girls' hair looks even better than usual? It's perfectly mussed up like it was styled to have that undone, windblown look. Then, there are the girls (myself included) who pop across the street to grab a coffee and come back with hair that's so tangled it looks like we've just run a marathon in a Nor'easter.

If you wear your hair down in the wind, texture and length will determine just how messy it gets. However, with the right updo, just about anyone can have a wind-proof hairstyle. Whether slicked-back or tousled, these are the looks that just so happen to get better with a breeze.

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A Get-Up-and-Go Option
The wavier (and dirtier) your hair is, the better for this low ponytail. Add volume and hold to second-day hair by spraying it with a dry texturizing spray like Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Spray, $17.95. Create a half-part at the center of the head and loosely secure your hair above the nape of the neck. One more shot of hairspray, and you've got a (controlled) windswept updo.

Source: via Pinterest.

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Slicked-Back Pony
The sleekness of this ponytail makes even the most casual boyfriend jeans and tattered tee look pulled together. Use a styling gel with a shiny finish like Bumble and Bumble Gel, $26, at the roots of the hair before pulling back with a fine-toothed comb. Wrap a 1-inch section of hair around the elastic, pinning it underneath, and finish with a strong-hold hairspray like Drybar The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray, $27.

Source: via Pinterest.

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The Anything-Goes Braid
The beauty of a messy side braid is there's really no wrong way to do it. Copy this look by first creating a smaller braid to weave into the larger one, or skip right to the side braid. Sprinkling in Fudge Urban Powder Styler, $8.79, will help give hair some grip while adding volume for the perfect, textured look. And since it soaks up excess oil like a dry shampoo, you'll have perfect, beachy waves the next day, too.

Source: via Pinterest.

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A New Way to Fishtail
Get fancy with your ponytail by adding a braid to the back. Once you've slicked your hair back into a high ponytail, follow these steps for a fishtail braid. Then, simply finish with a light mist of hairspray.

Source: via Pinterest.

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