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The Absolute Best Hair Care Products for Blondes, According to the Pros

So you can keep your blonde looking its best.
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Whether the "blondes have more fun" saying is true or not, there's one fact you cannot deny: Blonde hair typically requires way more maintenance than many other hair colors (though red is right up there, too). Whether it's blonde-gone brassy or blonde-gone green, a struggle to hydrate due to processing, or attack of the roots, the upkeep seemingly never ends. Luckily, we asked a handful of hair pros what products are best to keep your blonde looking its absolute best.

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If you're a bottle blonde, you're probably well aware that moisture is key. This becomes truer the lighter you've gone. "It will naturally be more on the dry side due to the bleaching process, so moisture keeps it manageable and to prevent breakage," says celebrity hair artist Zach Mesquit, who's been dubbed the "King of Platinum" for his ability to take the darkest hair colors to ultra-blonde. "I like the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask because the argon oil in it is one of the best oils for hair. It soaks deep into the cuticle but doesn't leave your hair greasy or weigh it down."

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Naturelab makes another great conditioner for dyed blonde hair and it's one that celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons swears by. He says, "As someone who regularly bleaches his hair, this treatment mask is my go-to for keeping my hair moisturized, soft and shiny. You can use it once a week after your normal shampoo and conditioning routine, or leave it in longer to deeply moisturize your strands."

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Blonde hair has a tendency to lean brassy as time goes by. This is due to minerals in your water (which show up better on lighter strands) and, if dyed, a result of the toner wearing off. The solution? Re-up on the toner. Mesquit says, "The violet pigments in this Wella shampoo neutralize any yellow tones to keep the color looking fresh. I like this product especially because the pigment is not too strong, so it won't turn your hair purple or over-tone it like many others will."

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Schwarzkopf BlondMe Instant Blush Blonde Beautifier in Ice or Steel Blue, $13.41
In addition — or as an alternative — to washing your hair with a toning shampoo, try a spray-on toner. "I love this blowout spray because it adds cool tones while eliminating warm tones. Ice is for crystal clear, anti-yellow neutralization and the Steel Blue is used for a cool, anti-orange neutralization," says editorial hair stylist Kendall Dorsey. "It's easy to use and perfect for giving your blonde a boost or instant color change! You're able to experiment with color without the commitment as it comes out in three washes."

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