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11 Hair Products That Reverse the Dulling Effects of Hard Water

Say hello to shiny, hydrated strands
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If you're a beauty fanatic, you've likely heard the term "hard water" mentioned before. You might be wondering how water could possibly be described as "hard"... but, you see, the term actually refers to the water's mineral content. As such, "hard water" has a high mineral content.

And those minerals? Well, they're generally not the best for your hair. They tend to be rich in sulfates, which are bad for hair health (and appearance) — especially if you have color-treated tresses.

Unfortunately, hard water is pretty common, especially in certain areas — and short of buying a water filter for your shower head (more on that in a second), there's not much you can do to change that. That said, there are certain products that can help measure the effects. Keep reading for 11 hair care products that will prep for, protect against, and repair the effects of hard water.

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In Common Magic Myst, $35
This much-loved hair mist is designed for all hair types and textures. With just a single spritz, you'll be able to strengthen and enhance hard water-weathered strands for your most radiant-looking mane.

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Hard water is notoriously damaging for blonde strands — it's actually one of the major culprits that turns your tresses brassy. Luckily, this purple shampoo helps neutralize those tones to ensure your hair looks its best — hard water or not.

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Perfect for all hair types, this leave-in treatment mousse is designed to repair damaged strands so that they're in their best condition before styling. And in addition to repairing, it also acts as a heat protectant, while helping to prevent breakage by 98 percent.

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Yes, purple shampoos are great for hard water concerns, but wait until you get your hands on this conditioner: The creamy formula smells like a bushel of berries and is designed to hydrate, repair, and brighten blonde locks.

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