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The Best Curl Creams for Every Type of Curl

Whether you've got wavy, curly or coily hair, there's a curl cream for you.
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If you have curly hair, you know that the styling products you use can make or break your mane. Curl cream is one of the best options for defining curls and giving them their signature bounce. But what works for someone with loose waves may not be the right match for someone with tight coils. So before you buy curl cream you need to consider your curl type and pattern.

Hairstylist Andre Walker came up with the most commonly used hair typing system, which ranges from Type 1 (straight) to Type 4 (coily), in the 90s. Since then the system has been expanded to add more hair types and it's a good way for the curly-haired among us to classify our curl type and put together a tailored routine. In fact, knowing whether you're a 2B or a 3C or a 4A can tell you a lot about your specific curl pattern. Not to mention the best products for your locks.

Keep reading to find the perfect curl cream for your curls. The ringlets of your dreams are within reach.

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This curl cream is ideal for 2A hair, which has a loose, gentle bend to it but is close to straight hair. The argan oil-infused curl cream smooths frizz, seals split ends and really holds your shape.

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Slather this curl cream on 2B hair, which has more defined waves than 2A. The cream reduces frizz, detangles hair and does a great job of creating smooth, separated waves.

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Add piecey texture and a major dose of shine to 2C hair with this curl cream. FYI: 2C hair is marked by S-shaped waves that start at the roots with some curls mixed in. This cream contains coconut oil for moisture and aloe vera for texture, resulting in a beachy look.

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Ouai Curl Crème, $32

Make space for this ultra hydrating curl cream in your routine if you have 3A hair. It's formulated with chia and linseed oils to form and shape curls and fight frizz, coconut oil to seal split ends and babassu oil to pump up shine.

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