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Beauty Supplements You'll Actually Want to Take

They're anything but boring.
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Most of us don't consider beauty supplements as exciting as, say, a new lipstick or bottle of nail polish. Even if said supplements are very effective. But brands are making new gummies and powders that are as playful as they are functional.

The new generation of supplements feels more like adult versions of those beloved vitamins we had growing up. They boast fun names and come in flavors we actually want to try. And the packaging is far from clinical. You'll want to proudly store these bottles on your vanity or counter. Just keep them away from direct sunlight in a cool place and check with your doctor before adding them to your regimen.

Check out the slideshow to see the best beauty supplements reinventing the game.

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Since it tastes just like your favorite fruity cereal, you'll look forward to adding a scoop of this collagen powder to any drink, yogurt bowl or even baked good. This truly nostalgic take promotes stronger hair and nails plus glowing skin.

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This delicious strawberry gummy is fun and innovative. It's the world's first retinol version offering the anti-aging benefits of a retinol cream without the tingle and sun sensitivity. It's actually been clinically proven to brighten skin and reduce breakouts.

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HAIRtamin Gummy Stars, $22.50

Your inner child will be obsessed with the star shape of this biotin gummy. The vegan supplement contains clinically proven ingredients like strand-enhancing turmeric, vitamin C, folate and zinc.

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It's hard to decide what we adore most about this skin-boosting beauty powder. There's the chic, minimalist packaging, its nourishing formula, how it manages stress using adaptogens and the fact it tastes like a piña colada. Just add a scoop to water and enjoy.

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