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2023 Beauty Trends Are Here — We're All Going to Be So Pretty

Optimism is the word
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Some of us maaaay still be processing 2019, but nevertheless, 2023 is just around the corner. Lucky for us, all the beauty trends for 2023 bring in a lot of playfullness, sensory experience, mindfulness and optimism — with the primary focus on enhancing and emphasizing that which we do have, not so much altering it (significantly).

Skincare will see us move more into embracing our oneness with nature, with skin health and holistic brands getting more attention, as well as those who use upcycled ingredients and are focused on sustainability just as hard as they are on product quality. Also, advanced derivatives of retinol and other, plant-sourced retinol alternatives will be getting more buzz for their non-irritability with equal performance in wrinkle-reducing.

As for hair, make up and nail trends, you'll be seeing color, glaze and embellishment, whether we're talking brows, eye shadows or nails. So, without further ado, the 10 beauty trends for 2023 await your discovery!

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Skin Minimalism
Reducing our skincare to what our skin actually needs, when it needs it, is skin minimalism at its core. It stems from the idea that we may be over-saturating our skin with elaborate routines which may, in turn, have different effect to the one we want. Main focus will continue to be on niacinamide and those similar to it, in the sense that we will want multi-benefits using as little product(s) or as fewer ingredients as possible. The outcome of this may well be that 2023 will be when niche beauty industry will see more recognition than ever, in the humble opinion of this writer.

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Sustainable And Upcycled Beauty
Eco-conscious skincare and make up brands are raising some standards, for themselves and for us. Brands nowadays, who are certified carbon-neutral, zero-waste, with eco-friendly packaging and who upcycle, reduce, reuse and recycle, do it all while providing us with clean and high performance beauty products. There will be more of them around, and (a good size of) new brands coming into the market will be doing so with green wheels already in motion.

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Hybrid Makeup
And on the note of skin minimalism and using less products (be it for the sake of our planet or our skin) — hybrid makeup products, such as serum foundations, tinted lip balms, conditioning lipsticks or concealers that covertly work on our undereye issues, will be more sought out. "Less is more" sounds really good in the context of makeup meets skincare, doesn't it?

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Lifted, Fluffy Brows
Much like the skinny jeans, the skinny brows can knock all they want, we ain't letting them back. Nope. Not now. It's not them, it's us: we're just wildly uncomfortable with both. The laminated brow look is, thankfully, staying on for 2023. Thickness and shape should be adjusted to your specific bone structure, and you can do that either by brow makeup products or by a visit to a salon you've researched and trust.

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