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Calling All Barbie Blondes — Meet Your New Maintenance Besties

Tress bless, no brass mess
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Blondes have more fun, they say, but it is all about the company; brass tones and dry, stiff hair used to be not-that-fun company for blondes. Blonde hair maintenance requires a little extra TLC, and by that, we mean specific, targeted blonde hair care products. Because, neglected and unattended to, blond hair can turn brassy, and pretty quickly at that. Thankfully, gone are the days when brass tones, dry, bleached ends, breakage, and hair loss go hand in hand with being a salon blonde. No need to fret about blonde hair care now; other than, that is, which shade you'd like to pick. The best part? It's as easy as swapping one shampoo for the other, using one hair treatment in place of another. And, for a beauty junkie who likes to try different makeup products, skincare, and hair care products, that presents itself as a pleasure, not an obligation.

Whether you're a natural blonde, a sun-kissed beach babe, a platinum queen, or have highlights (or are thinking of going blonde for the first time), the holy trinity is hydration, gentle styling, and — purple. Now that you're a blonde, purple is your favorite color — purple shampoos will be the first line of defense against unwanted tones in your blonde tresses. We've got hair serums, styling foams, sprays, and other hair treatments, purple and not, that were tailor-made for blondes, cool and warm. Anyone with highlights could benefit greatly from either of them, too, as they will help revive the color and nourish the strands.

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Hair can stay protected from the sun's rays, and at the same time use the sun to its advantage: this peroxide-free, lemon, and chamomile hair mist gets activated via the sun's or blow dryer's heat to deliver that natural-looking, sun-kissed look to the strands.

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This translucent repairing serum is designed to rejuvenate blonde hair and nurture the scalp at the same time. It offers immediate hair hydration, thanks to quenching hyaluronic acid, while soothing the scalp and maintaining its moisture balance.

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This transformative formula not only absorbs excess oil and refreshes blonde tones, but also forges new hair bonds, strengthening strands from the inside out while imparting a soft, voluminous finish. With those benefits, you'll never again feel guilty about using dry shampoo.

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Because blonde hair needs a gentler touch, detanglers will make a world of difference. This leave-in conditioning spray effortlessly detangles hair and enhances its elasticity, reducing breakage. A multi-benefit formula boosts shine, tames frizz, and offers UV defense, while potent ingredients strengthen, smooth, and plump.

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