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Forget Lip Injections. These 9 Lip Masks Will Give You the Fullest, Sexiest Pout Ever

Prepare to pucker up
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Slather on all the lipstick and gloss you want, but if your pout isn't properly prepped, your lips can end up looking less than kissable. Thanks to the latest batch of plumping lip masks and treatments, giving your lips a little TLC is now easier than ever. Going above and beyond the duties of a basic balm, these hydrate, plump and smooth -- fast -- leaving you with fuller, softer lips... and who doesn't want that? Pop on any one of our nine favorites.

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Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels, $35 for 5
This brand is known for their extensive variety of patches made for all parts of your face (you've likely seen the Instagram posts of celebs wearing them), including these gel ones for your lips. Stick one on and in just 10 minutes a blend of natural ingredients and extracts -- think mustard sprout and red algae -- boost circulation, hydrate and smooth out lip lines. It also delivers an instant cooling sensation, which we found quite refreshing.

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Already beloved for her cult-favorite lip scrub, Happ's latest lip launch also makes us super happy (sorry, we couldn't resist). The buttery formula, which just happens to be bubble gum pink, uses clay to hydrate, firm and smooth lips, and a Himalayan herb to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Be sure to apply a thick layer -- picture frosting on a cake -- then leave on for as long as possible before wiping off with a damp washcloth. We noticed a difference after just a few minutes.

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With two products housed in one tube, this lip treatment perfect for both daytime and bedtime. Twist the bottom dial to the AM side for a lip-plumping formula that uses hyaluronic filling spheres infused with hyaluronic acid -- the same ingredient in injectable fillers, FYI. While it feels slightly tingly going on, it doesn't sting or burn. It also touts a fat enhancer that preserves and enhances the fat in your lips, the one place you actually want extra padding. At night, twist to the PM side for a hydrating formula filled with butters and oils that deliver mega moisture while you snooze.

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KNC Beauty Lip Mask, $24.99 for 5
Founded by a beauty columnist who was inspired by similar products she saw in Tokyo (and you know they always have the most cutting-edge beauty in Japan), this is a sheet mask for your lips, shaped like lips. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and let the triple threat of collagen, hyaluronic acid and rose flower oil quickly plump and hydrate your pout.

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