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Astrology Nails May Be Our New Favorite Nail Trend

What's yo' name, what's yo' sign?
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As a beauty enthusiast, chances are you follow tens, if not hundreds, of nail technicians and artists on Instagram. You're constantly seeing their eye-catching designs as you scroll through your feed and you bookmark them as inspiration for your next nail appointment. From holographic nails to animal print designs, there's always a new fun and unique nail look that all our favorite nail artists are giving a go. Right now? It's all about astrology nails.

When it comes to astrology, there are really two types of people: Those who read their horoscope every morning and go about their day based on what was predicted for their zodiac sign and those who can hardly remember what sign they are. No matter how you feel about the art of astrology, decking out your nails in these jaw-dropping looks can be the perfect conversation piece (or newest Instagram post).

If you're ready to switch up your mani, here are some of the coolest ways to rock astrology nail art.

Image via @thehangedit

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Astrology designs don't have to take up the entire nail. You can always opt for a more minimalistic design like this black and white option.

Image via @buffcsvanda

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Glam Gal
To spice up your astrology mani even more, have your nail tech add in some small crystals for extra bling and gold foil to keep things luxurious.

Image via @thecrystalglow

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Odd Nail Out
For a subtle flair, just decorate one single nail with your zodiac constellation. The rest can be painted with your favorite color to match.

Image via @blomebeautybar

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Out of This World
Aside from incorporating your sign into your nail art, you can also pop in some out-of-this-world planets and even the sun.

Image via @nails_by_vivian

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