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13 Gym-Friendly Beauty Products That Take You From Sweaty to Chic in Record Time

These products will simplify your post-gym routine and have you looking gorge ASAP
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Working out is so important for our overall health and well-being. But finding time to get in a workout can be a challenge, let alone making time to clean up and make yourself presentable afterward. If you put off working out to avoid getting sweaty and disheveled or you struggle to put yourself back together after a high-intensity session, we can help. We've compiled some of our favorite gym-friendly beauty products that will take you from sweaty mess to fresh and polished — without having to sacrifice a lot of time. Peep ahead and see which products deserve a spot in your gym bag and get to sweating.

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You love the brand's classic CC cream, now try the new oil-free matte formula. It has the same anti-aging collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid as the original with added charcoal, colloidal clay and tea tree oil to detoxify skin and combat oil and blemishes. It comes in 12 comfortable matte shades that hide everything from blemishes to discoloration to enlarged pores. The cherry on top is SPF 40 protection. Slather some on after a workout to perfect your complexion and protect your face from the sun in one easy step.

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Post-workout, we're a fan of any beauty product we can apply with our fingertips and this nifty cream quartet is perfect for that. Four sheer, buildable shades (two multi-sticks and two highlighters) give you multiple options for lips, cheeks and eyes. You can mix and match your own custom colors to give your face a warm, dewy, summery glow that makes your features pop.

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Urban Decay perfected the creamy, blurred matte lip. These tiny pots contain a light-as-air mousse that you apply with your fingertips. Use a light wash of color for a sheer, airbrushed look, build it up for a bold pop of color or concentrate it at the center and blur it out for a gorgeous gradient lip. Swipe it on for a quick way to add a gorgeous, low-key flush.

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Toss these babies into your gym bag and you may never pack traditional dry shampoo again. These natural hemp paper sheets contain charcoal that soaks up the sweat and oil in your hair. Wipe, blot and deodorize your strands post sweat sesh. They take up little space, weigh next to nothing and leave you with totally refreshed tresses.

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