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19 Throwback Beauty Products That Will Help You Relive The '90s

Celebrate your favorite decade with these awesome products that feel oh-so familiar
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The '90s was a pretty memorable time for many of us. It was a decade characterized by extremely tweezed eyebrows, shimmer galore, dramatic pops of color and some pretty severe hairstyles to name a few. Perhaps you were in your teens or 20's fully enjoying the hottest trends at the time, or perhaps you were a little girl coveting the styles you saw on your big sister, wishing you were old enough to wear them too. Whatever the case, '90s beauty trends bring up some major nostalgia. From grunge to glitter and platforms to Polly Pocket, the '90s is an era marked by bold trends -- many of which are coming into play once again.

Thinking you've been spotting brown lipstick once again -- or perhaps the resurgence of glitter? You would be correct. Many of our favorite beauty trends from the '90s are making a comeback and we love it. Some of them possess a slightly more grown-up feel, some formulas have been improved significantly and been designed to be more health and environmentally conscious and some of them are just as edgy and amazing as their predecessors. Check out some of our favorite beauty products that give nod to this fabulous decade.

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If You Loved: Lancome Juicy Tubes
Then you'll love: M.A.C Dazzleglass, $17

None of us can forget the sticky, uber-shiny 1990's lip. Every brand had their own formula that earned a permanent home in our see-through jelly purses. This year, M.A.C. re-released their Dazzleglass lip gloss (after a long hiatus) and it's shinier and more colorful than ever. The colors are a touch more sophisticated (though that stray-hair-attracting stickiness is still there), and we just love the shiny plump pout (and nostalgia.)

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If You Loved: Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger
Then you'll love: Tommy Hilfiger The Girl, $38.48

Just one whiff of Tommy Girl takes me back to junior high, when the fresh, youthful floral scent lived on my vanity. Recently, Tommy Hilfiger released The Girl, paying homage to model and "It" girl, Gigi Hadid. I was amazed by the similarities of this and the scent of my middle school days. The crisp, clean scent evokes memories of class, crushes and a simpler, more carefree time in life (before #adulting).

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If You Loved: Hard Candy Nail Polish
Then you'll love: Cirque Colors Nail Lacquer, $14

Hard Candy paved the way for vibrant, colorful nail polish. Before Hard Candy launched, most of us were stuck wearing shades of pink, mauve or red. I remember seeing a Hard Candy polish in metallic periwinkle that was absolutely magical to me because it was so unheard of at the time. Nowadays, there are tons of nail polish companies, making every shade possible, but one that really stands out is Cirque Colors. The 4-Free, vegan, cruelty-free, small-batch crafted polish comes in an equally stunning array of colors that are high quality and better for your health.

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If You Loved: Herbal Essences Shine Shampoo
Then you'll love: Herbal Essences White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Shampoo, $5.99

Do you remember how amazing your hair looked and smelled after using Herbal Essences Shine Shampoo? It really did leave you with shiny, bouncy hair that smelled AMAZING all day. Well, they've done it again with their White Grapefruit and Mosa Mint Shampoo. Free from parabens and silicone, it's safe for color-treated hair and won't weigh you down. The real kicker is the scent -- grapefruit, peach and peppermint leave strands as delectably-scented as its predecessor and just as shiny and healthy.

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