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5 Beauty Products Mona Kattan Can't Live Without During Quarantine

Social distancing must-haves from the mega-influencer
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Mona Kattan, the president and co-founder of Huda Beautya company now valued at over $1 billion! — shares her love of all things beauty with her over 2 million Instagram followers.

Despite the fact that her product line is best known for high-key items like body foundation, lip contouring pencils, melted eyeshadow and 3D highlighters (all of which are globally distributed at leading retailers like Sephora and Net-a-Porter), she's found herself going relatively low maintenance these days.

Kattan also underlines the importance of "creating a positive environment and lifting the mood when we can to make adapting to the changes of being quarantined a little easier." On that note, here are five beauty products Kattan is loving while quarantined.

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"One of my favorite perfumes, Kayali Deja Vu White Flower 57, really has a way of brightening the mood and adding comfort to my WFH experience at the same time. The florals add a freshness to my space and the vanilla notes create the warmth and comfort. Since I have been wearing this perfume since it launched, it also brings back happy memories of normalcy and gives me extra hope! I highly suggest playing around with scent to create the perfect mood for your working environment right now."

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"I highly recommend this hand cream. We've been washing our hands so much to stay healthy, causing our hands to dry out, so this product has been an incredible go-to for me."

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"The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is one of my absolute favorite products! I'm obsessed with lip balm and this serves as both a balm and a lip mask. Since I'm not really wearing makeup while I work from home, I'm using this lip mask during the day as a daily lip balm so it works while I'm working and looks good in the process. It's amazing and everyone should try it!"

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"With all of the uncertainty and added stress that this pandemic has naturally caused us, it's important to take steps to actively de-stress your mind and body. This has been a really helpful aid in falling asleep. During today's particularly tough times, it's been really hard for me to get a good night's sleep because my mind is constantly racing. This pillow spray contains chamomile, lavender and vetiver, which all work to calm the mind and soul, helping you fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed."

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