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I Did a 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (Because What Else Am I Supposed to Do?)

From brightening vitamin A masks, to three-step hydrating sets
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When your WFH set-up involves rotates between the kitchen table and the couch... well, you've got a lot more time to test sheet masks. I haven't always been the the biggest sheet mask fan, so I'd let a bunch of samples pile up — and what better time to give them a try now? Luckily for me, most of them ended up being winners. I've written mini reviews for each (complete with pros and cons) — keep reading to find out which mask you should try first!

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Day 1: Oh K! Cucumber Sheet Mask, $3.50
It lived up to its description and was, indeed, "calm & cooling." The mask fit/adhered to my (large) face well and there was minimal dripping (I dabbed any and all excess product onto my drier-than-dry hands).

Pros: It caused minimal stickiness and left my skin looking extra dewy. The packaging is especially cute, even by K-beauty standards.

Cons: Though refreshing, the faint cucumber scent is ever-so reminiscent of the hand sanitizer you're probably overusing at the moment.

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This fancy-pants sheet mask employs the use of vitamin C, plus potent botanical extracts sourced from the Swiss Alps (including mallow, peppermint leaf and more) to hydrate and brighten your complexion.

Pros: The two-part mask (one half covers from your eyes to your nose, and the other covers your lower cheeks, mouth and chin) which makes for a nice, customized fit. The mask itself is also sturdy and thick and easy to work with. The faint herbal smell feels luxe and there was no sliding or dripping.

Cons: The only con here is the price, baby! But if you're feeling like a splurge, this gorgeous mask fits the bill nicely.

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This hydrogel eye mask is formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom extract to soothe and brighten your eye area.

Pros: I have a bias towards hydrogel masks — they're just so soothing and fun! And who doesn't love a jelly texture? This mask is cooling and relaxing as the name would imply, and it also had a nice faint floral scent.

Cons: It's designed to perk up your eye area, but I'm sure my chin wouldn't have minded some coverage too!

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Usually, I stick to gentler ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe, but my face was in need of a serious reset, so I decided to try this vitamin A- (aka retinol-) infused option.

Pros: The mask itself is printed with adorable beets, as well as the message "Beet of my heart," which makes it especially primo for #maskselfies. And yes, it did leave my skin looking particularly bright and even the next day!

Cons: It stung the tiniest bit, but only on areas where I'd, er, picked at my skin a bit. Which is definitely my fault, not the mask's.

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