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5 Bold Hair Color Trends We're Forecasting for 2020

The best of the bold, according to a professional!
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It's the roaring 20s again. But instead of getting out our flapper dressers and sneaking into speakeasies, let's rock some bold hair choices (... and still go to speakeasies, because, hey, they're trendy now!) Burbank-based hairdresser, and color expert, Danielle Badger weighs in on her predictions for the top hair color must-dyes of 2020, and shared some helpful tips on how to best care for colorful locks.

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Blonde Balayage

While I'm prone to think of purple or orange hair as true "boldness," sometimes embracing a natural hair color is bold in its own way. Danielle says she sees 2020 as being "the year of the natural," and touts blonde balayage as an always-trendy (not to mention, the most cost-effective) option. Bottom line? Even if you're not a natural blonde, you can still benefit from this look... and you won't have to break your bank account to do so.

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Ever since bright, electric hair became popular a few years ago, purple has always been high up on the list. Whether you want to rock a darker purple, or add some lilac to your lighter-toned hair, you can't go wrong with this luxurious, royal color. Danielle says that if you want to embrace a natural blonde tone, then you can easily do a DIY purple conditioner over the blonde (Overtone or Keracolor are great options!).

Alternatively, if you want to pay a visit to Danielle at her Salon Republic space in Burbank, she'll use MyDentity by Guy Tang to really bolden your look. "MyDentity controls the undertone of color so well and it lasts!" says Danielle. "I can never use another line again!" She's used MyDentity on my hair before, and I can attest, it really is spectacular.

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Dip Dye Ends

Demi Lovato recently rocked dip-dyed ends on Instagram, and we're loving the look! Doing a bright dip dye is an easy way to flaunt wild hair without committing your full head to the look. Danielle recommends using Surface Hair's shampoo and conditioner to keep your dip dye in tact. "Surface is an all natural plant based hair/skin care line that respects your health and the earth," she explains." All the ingredients are cold pressed or fermented and created to give strength and life to the hair. ALL of the shampoo and conditioners are color protected."

Who doesn't love an all natural shampoo and conditioner that protect your color, and really work? Sign us up for a bottle (or six), please!

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Some of us are born gingers... and others of us must bestow Nicole Kidman-dom upon ourselves. Yes, sometimes red hair dye can make your bathroom look like a crime scene, but the end result is always vibrant and breathtaking. Besides, who cares if you're a natural redhead or not, dying your hair is all about the fun of it, right? Danielle recommends always washing your dyed locks with cold water to make the color last longer. She also says to figure out what kind of water you have in your town or city, and if the water is hard, to get a water softener to ensure that it won't be harsh on your sanguine new look.

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