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This richly pigmented shade is perfect for creating a smoky eye.

When you want a little (OK, a lot) of sparkle, reach for this majorly glittery emerald polish.

Use this liner on your inner rim to create a subtle look, or keep lining your outer rims and smudge it for a sexier feel.

Even though this polish has a festive vibe, you'll be able to wear the shimmery emerald shade throughout 2013.

This is a lighter take on emerald, perfect for spring 2013. Plus, the Infallible line of shadows lasts 24 hours without creasing (impressive!).

It's the color of money, envy, and good 'ole Kermit, and now it's the Pantone color of 2013: green (well, Emerald Green to be exact).

We are psyched to see this shade take center stage in 2013, and love that it's way more wearable than 2012's hue, Tangerine Tango. Swipe it on your nails, use it as shadow and liner, it even makes a great color for a little hair flair.

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To get you started, we've collected our favorite emerald-hued makeup and nail polishes. You can keep things subtle by swapping your black liner for emerald or go all-out with an emerald smoky eye. But may we suggest snagging these emerald products pronto. Now that it's the 2013 Pantone color of the year, there's a good chance anything with a green tint will be flying off the shelves.

So, how does Pantone chose its color each year? The company starts by surveying fashion and design industry experts about the colors they're working with, then a committee chooses the final shade. (Yeah, we were hoping there was some sort of psychic, mystical side to all of this, too, but it seems pretty straightforward.)

Now that you know the full story, keep clicking to see the Emerald Green makeup and nail polish you'll want to try now to stay on trend.
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