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The Weird Beauty Regimen That Makes Chrissy Teigen 20 Minutes Late

The model dishes about her biggest beauty fail, her secret to sexy hair, and, of course, her Insta-famous stretch marks

Chrissy Teigen
If we were drafting dream celebrity best friends, Chrissy Teigen would probably be our first pick. She's unapologetic about her beliefs, she eats food like a real human, and she has totally to-die-for hair and skin. But in person would she be as candid and charming as Instagram and Twitter have led us to believe?

We found out when we sat down with her to chat about all things beauty. The model recently added Tresemmé spokesperson to her resume, which already includes cookbook writer and mom-to-be. Here, she spills about past beauty blunders, her product obsessions (one of which may really surprise you) and her now-famous stretch marks.

1) Total Beauty: How has your beauty routine changed since you got pregnant?

Chrissy Teigen: It's definitely a less-is-more thing. I was doing all the face masks, and I would use leave-in conditioners at night, but now I'm just too tired to deal with anything. The most I can do is take my makeup off. And I care a lot about belly stretch marks, so that's where my focus goes. Usually I'm like 20 to 30 minutes late because of my belly routine.

2) TB: Your stretch marks are Insta-famous. Do you anticipate being just as open about showing off your post-pregnancy body?

CT: I only have those existing stretch marks, which is so weird. I don't have any on my belly, I think because I've been so neurotic about the creams and belly-rubbing.

Whatever changes my body goes through I'll be fine with. Everyone's expecting you to come back quickly because so many celebrities do bounce back quickly, but I don't really believe in that. You put this weight on over nine months. You shouldn't lose it in a few days. That doesn't seem healthy. Everything about this pregnancy has been very play-it-by-ear. After I have her, I imagine it'll be that same process. I'll see what my body does. If my body loses the weight fast, great. If not, great.

3) TB: What beauty advice will you pass along to your daughter?

CT: I want her to appreciate her natural beauty. She's going to want to test everything crazy under the sun. I'm going to try to be like my mom and let her try anything she wants, but hopefully she'll come back around just like I did, and appreciate a natural, fuller brow and the natural texture of her hair. I hope she sees her own beauty.

4) TB: Speaking of trying crazy new things, what do you consider your biggest beauty fail?

CT: Well, my eyebrows for sure. When I lived in Washington, I was very natural. Even though I went to a huge school, nobody wore a lot of makeup. Then I moved to Huntington Beach, and it was a whole different ball game. Everyone was done-up all the time. Tons of makeup. False lashes in school. I think I wore a smoky eye every day. I would use really heavy makeup. If you didn't keep up, you didn't fit in. I moved my junior year of high school, so whatever I could do to fit in was important.

5) TB:What beauty ailment would you not even wish on your biggest Twitter-hater?

CT:That's so hard to say. I think skin care is very important. I wish for good skin for all.

TB: That's diplomatic.

CT: Well, my whole mood is different when my skin is bad. It ruins my day if my skin is dry or flaky or peel-y or zit-y.

6) TB: You've been candid about liking to have a good time. Before you were pregnant, how did you keep your skin clear and glowy even after a night of a few too many drinks -- or too much late-night White Castle?

CT: Ah, I remember those days. The foods I love aren't necessarily great for my skin, so a ton of water. You can do facials and extractions, but it all comes from what you're ingesting and making sure you getting enough water. Everyone says it, and it sounds too easy, but yeah, it's true.

7) TB: What beauty products can you not live without?

CT: Of course my new Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System. Everyone asks me if I really use it, and all I want to do is to Tweet them photos of my shower. We all use it in my house. My mom steals it. The Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner really does soften your hair, and then you wash away the weight with the shampoo. You no longer have to compromise to get this really touchable volume. Nobody wants to have crispy hair.

Aside from what I'm doing in the shower every day -- including using my men's razor -- I let my team have fun and play around with new makeup techniques. I don't like to pretend like I get myself glam everyday. I want to credit my team with everything.

8) TB: Does John have any grooming habits that drive you crazy?

CT: He steals all my things. And you know guys don't know how much product to use. He will use so much shampoo or so much face lotion. It kills me. I literally scrape the sides of my face lotion with my tweezers, so to see him use a four-finger dip is heartbreaking.

9) TB: Would you rather give up your favorite foods for a year or favorite beauty products?

CT: Oh gosh. That's a tough question. I would say beauty products. There are some irreplaceable foods out there, like my mom's scalloped potatoes, but I think I could find a replacement for my razor.


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