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    Works great if you don't mind the darkening effect

    This is a great product, works like magic, even works on your eyebrows and your head. The 2 bad things are, 1) the price and, 2) the fact that wherever you put it on your eyes it will make the skin noticeably darker. Now, if you wear heavy eye liner every day, that's not going to be a problem for you, but I don't, so it was a problem for me. Being at an advanced age, the last thing you want is more darkness in the eye area. I think they will eventually sell this because it does grow hair on your head, I devoted a bottle to this and within a week hair was growing where it is becoming thinner. I just hope they do it soon!
    pookerella | 1 reviews

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    Careprost is WAY BETTER :)

    I had literally no lashes, they all fell out at 17 and never grew back. My doctor recommended Latisse but at 200 per bottle with a lifetime need, it's hard to justify the cost. She then suggested Canadian Careprost - generic Latisse - at only 80 bucks for 6 month supply I tried it right away. MUCH to my surprise, two weeks later I had a thick line of lashes, now they hit my eyebrows :) Love the moreuff even my hubby uses it now. At 42 I finally have the lashes I wanted. For woman like me, who 'need it' and dont want to spend 600 for a 6 mo supply - I cant recommend it enough. I hope this helps other woman :)
    QualityQute | 3 reviews

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    unbeleivably long everyone thinks their falsies

    This product really works . You will see results in three months and you notice a difference in texture, it makes your lashes darker, thicker, and longer. Awesome.
    megancardullo | 11 reviews

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    Not perfect, but effective

    I used Latisse for 2 years. The results were ridiculous! People were asking left and right if my eyelashes were fake (2" long people... they tangled in my eyebrows if I looked up). HOWEVER... some cons you should know about.. 1. My eyes always looked irritated and glossy.. like I started drinking and never stopped... for 2 years. ClearEyes eye drops could only help so much. 2. My eyelids more even irritated.. red and a little swollen. Concealer before my eyeliner was a must. 3. Eye twich. This was the worst part. After about 18 months I developed a really obnoxious eye twitch. I had a very stressful job and assumed it was taking its toll. Nope. it was the Lattise. It took a few months for me to figure it out.. . and then another month to prepare myself for the separation anxiety with my new found lush lashes... The eye twitch was starting to make me crazy, so I had to toss my Latisse in the trash.
    briar_rogue | 66 reviews

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    I think I'm allergic :(

    I was really sad to realize that I might be allergic. My eyes were very itchy and were super red. I've stopped using it for now, but will try again in a few weeks. | 2 reviews

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    Wonderful results

    I started using Latisse 5 months ago and have seen great results. I was talking to my sister the other day who lives far away from me, and she mentioned that she purchased Latisse and asked me about it since I work at a office that sells it. She was amazed when I told her that I use it. She purchased it because she was envious of my lashes the last time she saw me and didn't understand why she more shorted on the eyelash genetics. She laughed when I told her and was anxious to start. Everyone comments on how beautiful my lashes are, and I just thank them... Leaving out the fact that I had a little bit help. ;)
    jane13 | 1 reviews

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    Best investment ever...

    This stuff works. My lashes are longer and fuller. I've been using for a year and I've only had to purchase 2 bottles! It's cheaper than getting eyelash extensions!
    vdiddy | 19 reviews

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    great product

    ok i allways get help from the wunderfull ppl here that review things so i have to do the same! now read carfulley becouse im giving you the best directions for THE BEST (and i mean THE BEST) results!!! ok so do eczactly as i say and you will be coverd from every point (length,thickness,darkness and conditioning ) so hear it goes...... so first of all i just wanna say that i use "careprost" ( moreh is the generic "latisse" its 100% eczactly like latisse and insted of paying 150$ for a bottle you only pay for careprost 10 bucks!!! you pay 150 $ for latisse just for the "brand name" and the stupid brushes that come along with it . latisse is a made of "Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution with zero point zero three percent" just like careprost and you can buy careprost at.... "alldaychemist" website) ok so careprost offcourse is GREAT GREAT GREAT (just read the other million reviews) but the thing is its very good in the lenghtining asspect but theres a down grows ALOOOOT but kindda weird looking and it grows without thickness thats the problem. i mean long lashes are great but you want them to be fuller, right? so this is what you do...... 1.length - use careprost (or latisse) every MORNING with a small EYESHADDOW brush (not an eyeliner brush) if you use an eyeliner brush some of the prodect gets in your eyes (becouse its a thin brush) and your eyes become very red and bloodshot so a bit thickker brush is better . now just put two drops into a small cap and dip the brush six times,3 times for each eye and smooth the prodect over the upper lash line and you do it like this smooth the right eye and then the left then right then left then right then left (why you ask? well that way it lets the product dry a little before the second smootch and so it dosent get in your eyes got it?hehehe) and then with the remaining product you smooth booth of the lower lash line(its great and dont worry it dosent grow to much there ) and you do that EVERY DAY for the first 4 months. and then 3 times a week just to maintain the results (and please be very carefull dont let it get in your eyes) now after we coverd the length part lets go to the thickening part..... 2.thickness-conditioning use "mavala double lash" ......its a light liqued product that comes in a jar with a built in mascara like wand that you dip in the product and go over your LASHES (and lash line) now what you do at night. the mavala i swaer it gives you (after about two months of use) another row of lashes its great for thickening now please only use this at night because it tends to kindda "bild up" and make a white film on your lashes and they become kindda "hard" so just do it at night . 3.darkness-now When I started using generic latisse and grew nice lashes, I realized that I could ditch mascara if I darkened my lashes,so i just use the "1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit" to color my long beautiful lashes(its very safe dont worry lolmplus you can buy it online right from the 1000 hour website and its only 25$ and free delivery around the world) i use it in the black color(very natural) and This stuff rocks. It only lasts for a couple of weeks, but it is so easy to use and inexpensive that I don't mind at all. Now all I do for them after putting on my make-up is apply a little oil, or maybe clear mascara. So happy! and this is whats good about it..... 1. Not messy, easy to mix and apply with the materials provided in the kit. I just put some vaseline on my skin around the eye before applying. 2. No pain if product happens to get in my eye. In fact, I apply it with my eyes open, like a mascara, and then if I have time, I leave it on for about 15 minutes while I walk around and do normal activities before rinsing it off. 3. Longer lasting(then others). I usually redo after about 2 weeks because i actually have eyelash "roots" starting to show. The color really does not fade very much(compard to other kits) 4. The price is very cheap per application. You only need to use a tiny amount(about one inch), so the tube should last about a 5-6 months even with more frequent than monthly applications. So for the cost of one salon eyelash dye job, you get alot of supply of this product. and thats it guys. i promise you will have such great,AMAZING bombshell lashes so i hope this helps. have a great time showing off your long lashes sarai from israel :-) p.s. sorry for my spelling errors
    sarai | 23 reviews

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