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Envelop Yourself In Wild Rose From Head to Toe

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Roses are always a good idea, especially in skincare, but do you know which part of rose is in a product you've got your eye on? Upon seeing "wild rose" in the name, it makes sense that our first thought would be about that recognizable rose scent. Beauty products with wild rose can contain scent-bearing rose petals (or their derivatives), but that's not what "wild rose" in beauty products actually means. You, dear reader, are buying something even more precious than petals — rosehip seed oil from specific rose varieties.

Pure rosehip oil, however, doesn't smell like roses, but has a nutty, slightly earthy, herbal smell, and is lightweight, quick to absorb. Its strong healing and regenerating properties, which extend to promoting collagen production within the connective tissues and maintaining the skin's ability to retain moisture, make it a great ally in anti aging routines. Because it's anti-inflammatory and stimulates cell renewal and regeneration, sensitive and dry skins absolutely love it. Part of the benefits can be seen and felt instantly upon contact. Because rosehip seed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, you also get moisturizing, firming, antioxidant and repairing benefits, which could be interesting to you if you're dealing with dark spots and scars, for example.

So, how to know if your wild rose product really does contain this most precious wild rose ingredient? You'll see it listed under either one of these 4 names in the ingredient list: Rosa Canina Fruit/Seed Oil, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil or Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil. You don't see one of these, you don't get rosehip oil. To help you discover and enjoy all the benefits of this beauty star, we've rounded up some great makeup, hair, face and body products with wild rose oil, many of them wonderfully enriched with rose petals, various other precious oils, ingredients and extracts, leaving you feeling the way your skin will — comforted, supple and radiant; smelling absolutely lovely and healing in the background.

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This oil is infused with herbal extracts, flowers and vitamin C to reduce the appearance of discolorations. The oil is lightweight, but it targets and helps with wrinkles, light-induced skin discoloration (hello, sea fern extract), dryness and lackluster complexion.

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Trilogy Everything Balm, $24
Here is a brand synonymous with rosehip oil and the one that we got introduced to largely via first bloggers-influencers — Trilogy's pure rosehip oil secured devotees very quickly (including Kate Middleton!), but this signature ingredient of theirs is present in other great products, including this one. Use it safely anywhere you may need some good old TLC; aside from rosehip seed oil to hydrate, replenish and strengthen skin's barrier, this balm also includes pawpaw, rich in antioxidants and papain and echinacea which help promote resilience against environmental stressors.

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Feel free to reach for this cream to treat your hands, elbows, knees or feet to a nourishing dessert: pomegranate and cupuacu butter soften and hydrate the skin, while rosa damascena and acai berry, abundant in omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and antioxidants, assist in noticeably increasing elasticity and smoothness.

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This serum is tailor-made for for sensitive, redness-prone and irritated skin. It calms and softens the skin, making it less reactive and more resilient over time. Aside from wild rose seed oil, notable ingredients include hyaluronic acid for increased hydration and plumping, grape seed extract for soothing reactive skin and bio-engineered peptides to support skin's microbiome and lipid function.

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